I’ll Be Glad…

…when the election’s over.  I’m tired of people turning EVERYTHING into a political debate.  At a blog I visit, one of the readers sent in a picture for posting of him standing in a hole on the side of the road that was really deep and took a buttload of cement to fill.  The SECOND comment went on and on about “Just wait till B. Hussein Osama bin Laden [F***ING SIC!!!] raises taxes if you think THAT’S a hole!”  (I’m not kidding…that’s the level of intelligence the poster displayed.)  It was a shot of a guy’s pain-in-the-ass repair job…and it was used to make a political statement–and with a pretty prejudiced spin, no less.


Now, yes, it offended me as an Obama supporter, but more than that, it bugged me that it came about so quickly for something so innocuous.  It’d be one thing if it were a picture of, say, McCain digging a hole at a building-dedication ceremony and someone posted something like, “McCain finds himself digging out of ANOTHER hole.”  Or if it were a picture of Obama hammering in a nail at a Habitat build and someone captioned it, “Obama builds family a new house; pushes them into higher tax-bracket.”  But it was a reader of the blog just trying to get a couple of seconds of his 15-minutes.


Look…we all know I’ve been an outright ass to the Republican party…but I at least have based my arguments or diatribes on a real event.  I don’t just tie in any old thing and say, “I popped a tire today…and that made me think of how Palin’s stupid and thinks the VP gets a vote in the Senate, uhh…because she tires me…” (or something).  I comment on actual happenings or quotes, for the most part…and I’ve even been kinder about it lately.  I’m a jerk…but I still think Keith Olbermann’s just about as irritating as Bill O’Reilly.  I’m unfair, but I still think McCain did the right thing with the idiots at the rally the other week.  I’m a schmuck…but at least I know it, and I confine it to on-topic discussions.


I can’t wait until the election’s here…sure, partly I’m just happy that either way, Bush is GONE–even if McCain wins, I can take solace in that…but mostly, I’m just hoping to be able to see the political crap coming again, rather than have it sneak unnannounced into every second of every day.  I can ignore someone’s specific blog post (and I even post WARNINGS telling people to avoid some of mine).  But I can NOT ignore idiots who spout off at every opportunity–even if there isn’t one.


Sorry to rant on that…but it really got under my skin today, for some reason.  Thanks for reading.