My Back is Killing Me…

It is.  I don’t even know why.  I just woke up and thought, “Ow.”  Then I realized that I was thinking “ow” because my back hurt.


I might’ve been sitting weird on the couch last night.  (I have a tendency to lean in weird positions for extended periods of time.)  I might have pulled something when I was carrying some boxes back and forth.  I might have been sitting awkwardly at Johnny’s birthday party.  I could have bumped into something and now I don’t remember doing it.  Or, it could just be that my back sucks.  I’m thinking it’s that…


It hurts enough that it’s sending pain into my right hip, and also is putting some pressure on–not really my abdomen, but whatever’s just above that.  Don’t know what you call that part.  Also don’t know how to Google “that part just above your abdomen.”  All I know for sure is that I can’t WAIT for 6:00 to roll around, and I can go lay (lie?) down somewhere and do some stretches, then take a nap.


Is it bad that I’m 28, and I talk about my back like I’m 63?


Current Listening:

  • Nothing.  But I have “Springtime for Hitler” stuck in my head.

One thought on “My Back is Killing Me…”

  1. you just made my sucky day much better.
    the part of your body underneath your chest and above your abdomen can be considered your diaphragm, though your diaphragm is actually internal.
    “lie” is something you do yourself.
    “lay” is something you do to another object.
    today at work, i looked at a small, very-blond, very-blue-eyed child and thought, “that’s our hitler.”

    okay, i’m finished sharing…

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