Party!!! WHOO!!!

I just got back from a wedding reception for my friend Chris.  They actually got married like two weeks ago, but they did the reception today.  Kind of complicated, but it actually made a lot of sense, if you know the whole story.  Anyway…  Awesome food, and I finally met Chris’ parents.  I’ve known Chris for like 15 years, but I’ve never met his mom or dad.  They both seem like basically friendly people, and his mom told me she’s a Rolling Stones fan, so she can’t be all bad.  Also, I must say, I suited-up and looked awesome.  Even wore a bowler hat (or derby), and Chris’ dad made a  Laurel and Hardy reference.  (I’m occasionally told I look like Stan Laurel, so I figured the hat would work.  I keep saying that my brother and I should go to a Halloween party some day dressed as Laurel and Hardy: The Drinkin’ Years.)


In about 3-4 hours, I’ll be going to a different party.  It’s Johnny’s 30th birthday.  Weird thing is, Chris and Johnny are both in Blue Tattoo with me.  So this is kind of band-party day!  🙂  I saw Johnny at the party earlier, but I forgot to wish him a happy birthday…but then again it wasn’t HIS party yet.  His girlfriend Julie (who I really like, btw) has already promised me that the food tonight won’t be as good as the food this afternoon…but hey, it’s still free…I think…


So, all things considered, today’s been pretty good and promises to be good into the wee-hours.  I’m about to take a small nap before continuing the partying–so that’s awesome, too.  The thing is…when today is this good and this fun, I’m bound to be worthless tomorrow.  Don’t tell the weirdos that would judge me for it…but I think I’ll be sleeping in.  😉


Current Listening:

  • The mix on my iPod called “Legendary Awesome,” which is mostly songs from the TV show “How I Met Your Mother.”  I think I may have listed the playlist a few months ago.  If you’re curious (and why would you be?) you can use the search feature on the blog–which is one of my favorite things WordPress has to offer.

EDIT: I had to edit this post to remove my unfortunate use of the phrase “back in the day.”  Ugh…