A Few Random Thoughts

Don’t have much to say about any one topic at the moment, so I’m doing a random, point-by-point thing again…  Enjoy!

  • Re: The debate last night.  I don’t think either guy really knocked it out of the park.  I thought Obama did a good job explaining the Ayers situation (the line “when I was eight-years-old” was the line of the night to me).  I thought McCain had a good line with “I’m not George Bush.  If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should’ve run four years ago.”  But, it seemed entirely contradictory with his campaign’s platform that “I’ve voted in support of George Bush over 90% of the time.”  So that wasn’t as impressive to me as it was to some.  I guess if you were scoring on who was more pissed off, McCain won, but if you were scoring on who came across cooler and calmer, Obama won.  Split decision in my book.  Though, actually, Joe the Plumber probably actually won.  He’s now the most famous plumber in America and can probably turn this into a money-situation that’ll make him able to afford that business he wants to buy, new tax-bracket or not.
  • Today’s been a little discouraging, but I won’t say why.  I’d just ending up ticking off the wrong people, and that leads nowhere.
  • I’ve been having weird headache things lately.  Not really headaches, though.  More just pressure around my forehead into my eyes.  Sometimes eye-drops make it feel better for a few hours.  I think it’s from lack of sleep and overuse of Sudafed to keep my nose from running.  Just can’t win.
  • I’m doing another master of my CD, trying to boost the low end.  I hear-tell it’s a little tinny, as it is now.  Didn’t notice that myself, but it’s been mentioned twice…so we’ll boost the lows.
  • I’m rehearsing with the Feldman Group tonight.  Apparently I’m on deck to sing “Jailhouse Rock.”  It’s going to be a tough one.  It’s 4:30 now, and I’m already exhausted.  This rehearsal might kill me.  Also, looking at the lyrics to “Jailhouse Rock,” I’ve just realized that it’s one of the gayest songs I’ve ever read.  It’s mostly about convicts dancing with each other at a party organized by the warden…and one guy’s sitting alone and the warden tells him, “If you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair.”  …kinda sick-ass jail IS this???
  • There’s a girl at the college who looks like this other girl who used to go to the college, and it’s really distracting to me for some reason.
  • Hank Williams III has a new record coming out next week called “Damn Right and Rebel Proud.”  I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable with the guy, to be honest with you.  I LOVE the sound he makes, but he’s embraced Satan and the Rebel flag a little too much for my taste these days…and I don’t think the Satan thing is a joke…and I’m beginning to wonder just what he thinks he’s expressing with the Rebel flag.  I can let it slide as a “Southern pride” thing (though I wouldn’t do it myself), but I’m really wondering if that’s all it is with him.  Ehh…either way, I’ll buy the record.

That’s it…feeling kind of basic today.

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