A List and an Update

I’m mainly writing just for the discipline of writing something every day…but I do have news.


My new solo record, “Out from the Light,” is done.  It’s mastered and it’s in the hands of the other members of Blue Tattoo so they can tell me if it sounds right before I send it out for replication.  Why them?  Well, I needed ears I trust and people who’ll tell me if it doesn’t sound good.  Now, I trust the ears of everyone involved on the actual project, but I don’t trust their opinions on their own work.  A drummer is likely to think his drums sound too thin in places.  A bass player is likely to complain that he can’t hear a really cool lick he pulled off in the bridge of some song.  A keyboard player…actually I have no idea what a keyboard player is likely to say.  You get the point, though.  They’ll all either have weird criticisms, or they’ll give me no real information, just saying, “Yeah it sounds great.”  (I know this because I do the same thing…I can’t even trust my ears NOW, which is why I need to bounce it off the band.)  The guys in Blue Tattoo will be sure to tell me if it’s too boomy, not boomy enough, or if they think the mix is weird.


Once I’m fully satisfied, I’ll send it out for replication–probably REALLY soon.  But, until then I’m doing something that I developed as a habit a few years ago.  To see if the songs stand up well, I’ve mixed a few of them in with songs by other artists on a compilation CD.  If I can listen to them in with a mix of songs that I didn’t write and not feel a very noticeable quality shift, I know it’s good.  In a way, these compilations are probably much more accurate of a portrayal of where my head was (musically) than the “Inspiration Page” of the CD jacket.  So, here’s the one I made for this project.  (I also realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted a playlist…and I like boring people with that kind of thing.)  🙂


Playlist: “Compare.  Contrast.”  10/14/08:

  1. “Save it for a Rainy Day” – The Jayhawks
  2. “As Tears Go By” – The Rolling Stones
  3. “In My Heart” – Derek Brink
  4. “Hanging Onto You” – Jay Farrar
  5. “Working Man’s Cafe” – Ray Davies
  6. “Lost in Space” – Aimee Mann
  7. “Please” – Derek Brink
  8. “Don’t Try to Make Me Real” – Pete Townshend
  9. “Jagged” – Old 97’s
  10. “Remember Me” – Derek Brink
  11. “Stay Positive” – The Hold Steady
  12. “Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd
  13. “Stations” – Denison Witmer
  14. “Out from the Light” – Derek Brink
  15. “B.P.D.” – Over the Rhine
  16. “When the Pin Hits the Shell” – Drive-By Truckers
  17. “Everything is New” – Frank Black
  18. “Walter Reed” – Michael Penn
  19. “Be the Rain” – Neil Young

Maybe I’ll post some samples soon…probably those four…maybe a fifth.  Keep your eyes on the blog.