So I’ve been working my butt off on one of several different projects all week.  I’m pretty much out of it, and by like 5:00 every day I’ve been so exhausted I’ve been dizzy.  It sucks.  I’ve been putting little diversions into my days, like changing over to the new blog and updating the Blue Tattoo website (www.bluetattoonews.com, btw), just to keep the synapses in my brain firing.  It’s currently 3:33, and I’m probably not getting to bed until like 5:00.


…but on the plus side, at least I’ve been simultaneously getting caught up on a LOT of TV.  Particularly been enjoying the third season of “How I Met Your Mother” over the past couple of days.  One of my favorite shows.  Also been watching a ton of the Three Stooges.  Which actually just makes me sleepier, because they were on late on Saturdays when I was a kid (I want to say around midnight) and my parents would let me stay up to watch every week…but most weeks I didn’t make it, because midnight’s late for a kid.


At least I’ve got this weekend off from gigs…but, on the other hand, I’ve got to go to a meeting on Saturday morning at nine-freaking-thirty.  Worst part is that I actually volunteered to be on the committee.  So…I’m kind of an idiot.  Plan is to not shower, show up, say nothing, contribute nothing, and leave within an hour, then go back to bed until like 5:00 pm.  The thing is, I kind of like the committee and I like the guy who runs it (we’re friends), so it’s not all bad…I just hate the entire world before 11:00 rolls around.  It’s never personal…  


…anyway…I’m going to go eat some pizza now…  I eat a lot when I’m up late.


Summary of the points in this post: None.


PS- I like this blog design, but the only real minus is that I have to hit enter twice between paragraphs to make it look like it’s not just one big block of text…but now it looks like this, which looks like there’s too MUCH space…so I’m trying to figure out a way to adjust that.  Does either one bother anybody?  Preference?


Current Listening:

  • Buttloads of Pink Floyd.

3 thoughts on “Yawn…”

  1. great design … been thinking ’bout switching to wordpress as well. this may push me over the hump.

    – i noticed the extra line spaces, but don’t think it’s a big deal.
    – rip, rick wright
    – care to put a wager on when a burning effigy will appear at a mccain-palin rally? this hatred the candidates are inciting is, as sarah silverman would say, beyond.

  2. 1- Thanks for the input on the spacing.

    2 – Would you believe I didn’t even HEAR about rick wright until this week? Bought Gilmour’s live record and went to his website where I read his thoughts on Wright’s death. Don’t know how I missed that one.

    3 – Yeah, I’m getting a little afraid of both sides of the campaign these days. I’m as anti-McCain as the next guy, and I’m WAY anti-Bush…but it’s just getting freaky out there. I mean, has McCain even looked Obama in the eye at a debate yet? It’s just such a visceral level of disdain between the two guys. Of course, were I McCain and I saw a young guy with a good chance of winning sitting across from me and I knew how big a chance he had of taking my life-long dream from me, I’d probably be a little grumpy, too…but wow, it’s getting nuts. If it’s not the McCain camp, it’s the anti-Palin camp. As I’ve been saying, this is kind of an interesting social experiment…are there more racists or more sexists in America? 😉 (Actually, I’m not sure how much of a joke that is…but I’m hoping I’m joking.)

  3. I’m suddenly realizing that you were probably talking about that rally earlier where McCain actually kind of had to stick up for Obama and his own people started booing him. That was weird…but I’m glad McCain took the high road.

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