Hello former Blogger readers, and people who just happened upon me here.

I hope you like the new blog.  WordPress has a lot to offer and I think you’ll dig the stuff here.  I’ll get back to real posting in a bit…just thought I should write this welcome note to make the transition less scary for you.  Or something.

Oh…and it may be a new blog, but I still plan on saying the same crap and bashing the same politicians with no mercy or real insight.

…the more things change.

EDIT: Oh, and happy Yom Kippur.

8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. So… seeing that you moved, i was pretty ticked that you wouldn’t still have your old blogs – but then i got here, and your archives are complete!!!
    your blog makes me happy. you make me happy.

  2. Yeah, it was pretty easy, too. All I had to do was allow them access to my Blogger account and click one button. It imported the entire 300+ posts in like 5-10 minutes! Pretty cool.

    And you make me happy as well. 🙂

  3. We can’t cure cancer or build a reliable TV antenna, but we can do real smiley-faces! 😐 Just kidding, I like that feature too. I like WordPress too and have it installed on a server of mine for one website I archive stuff to. There isn’t a big difference for me as a reader on whether you use Blogger or WordPress.

    The one thing I keep wondering is why you don’t set up your blog within your current hosting site – http://www.derekbrink.com – or perhaps as a sub-domain – blog.derekbrink.com – of your main site. You could have had Blogger post your entries over FTP from their servers OR you could possibly install WP on your server, if it supports PHP / SQL and stuff.

    Of course, this is just what I’d do. Your thoughts?

  4. It’s kind of a pain to set stuff like that up with my webhost. I’m happy with the stuff I’m ABLE to do, though (and it’s a FREAKING steal, financially), so I don’t mind having a separate blog-address. People seem to find me easily enough, and until I’m willing to spend like the big boys, I’ll deal with a host that doesn’t have easy FTP usage or any PHP options. (I do have the FTP ability, but previous attempts to make use of it have been shaky at best. My host is pretty small, so I don’t expect the world of them.)

  5. Oh, and Akismet was one of the first things I installed. 🙂 It’s already caught a bunch of stuff for me. Good advice…I just beat you to it! 🙂

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