Hello former Blogger readers, and people who just happened upon me here.

I hope you like the new blog.  WordPress has a lot to offer and I think you’ll dig the stuff here.  I’ll get back to real posting in a bit…just thought I should write this welcome note to make the transition less scary for you.  Or something.

Oh…and it may be a new blog, but I still plan on saying the same crap and bashing the same politicians with no mercy or real insight.

…the more things change.

EDIT: Oh, and happy Yom Kippur.

Another Music Post

So I bought the new live record by David Gilmour. Many if not all of you will know David as the guitarist (and a songwriter) in Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, Floyd is no more, but David released a solo record a year or two ago, and then toured. This record was one of the gigs.

It’s Floyd-heavy in its set list, for obvious reasons. Kind of hard to do an entire show comprised of just one record, y’know–I mean, unless that record is “The Wall.” Or “Tommy.” Or “Quadrophenia.” Or “Operation: Mindcrime.” Or “Scenes from a Memory.” Or “Joe’s Garage.” Or “Southern Rock Opera.”

… 😦

I’ll start again…

So I bought the new David Gilmour live album, and he plays a lot of Pink Floyd songs on it. It’s really good…but it also pisses me off. When I hear Glimour playing guitar on the studio albums, I can suspend some disbelief. I can convince myself that there’s some studio-trickery going on. Surely he’s merging multiple-takes. There must be some post-effects after the initial record. It’s all in the post-mix, right?


On a live record, it’s crystal-clear that he plays every note in sequence, as if he doesn’t even have to think about it. His tone is exactly as it was on the records–maybe better. He’s a freaking guitar god…maybe THE guitar god. I’ll NEVER be that good. Actually, I don’t even want to be that good, I just want that TONE. Every note he plays, I think, “How’d he do that?” But he does it. And I’ll never sound that good, that clear, that emotional, or that smooth.

…and that pisses me off so bad!