Blogs Aplenty

I’m not sure if “aplenty” is one word or two. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

Anyhoo…I spent part of my day today designing a blog for my work. It’s not really up and running, and no one in the hierarchy of the school has approved it in any way shape or form (so I should definitely get that done before posting links to it)…but it’s something. My department somehow disappeared entirely from the college’s most recent website revision. As such, I felt the need to start up a blog so we exist SOMEWHERE on the net–plus, I get the sense that a lot of the profs are going to be blogging in the not too distant future, so I’m trying to beat them to the punch.

I used WordPress to make it. I like it. Part of me wants to convert this blog to WordPress. They’re really versatile and fun…but I also fear they’re not too user-friendly if you’re new to the blogosphere. Blogger is simple enough that an idiot could figure it out…WordPress CAN be, too…but doing a “simple” page on WordPress is kind of like having a car with on-board GPS, an iPod hookup, and a DVD player in the backseat for the kids, but you keep it in the garage and only drive it to church on Sundays…and you only live a block away from the church…and you don’t have an iPod…or kids…

I also fear that sooner or later they’re going to turn into a pay-service (this is completely unconfirmed speculation on my part). They already have SOME stuff you have to buy…I’m afraid the whole thing’s going to go that route. As far as I’m aware, Blogger is going to remain free for the foreseeable future…and people are starting to visit here more frequently. So I’m probably staying put…but WordPress IS pretty cool, and I hope Blogger incorporates some similar ideas soon.

Ehh…sooner or later maybe I’ll post the link to the Library blog and my readers (if any) can let me know if they’d follow me to a similar format.

Wow…what a boring post.

Current Viewing:

  • The Three Stooges – They’re releasing two-disc DVD sets of every episode in chronological order. It’s awesome. I’ve never said this before, but I really hope they put out the Shemps and Joes, too. (I always used to say that if you ever find me hanging from a light fixture, there’ll be a note pinned to my shirt that reads, “It was a Shemp.” …but what can I say? I like a complete collection!) 🙂

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