An Open Letter to the DVD I Bought…

Dear “My Name is Earl – Season 3” DVD,

So…not a great season, huh? You broke with the formula and it didn’t go very well. I’m not going to fault you for it. It was an interesting experiment and it was brave. There was some really funny stuff in there, too…but I’m glad you’ve apparently learned your lesson and season 4 is going to “Return to the List” according to the promos. (If nothing else, it was awesome to see Alyssa Milano bumming around with the cast. Super-hot.)

Moving on…

My problem is pretty simple. I paid like $35 for you. You contain less episodes than previous seasons, I’m guessing due to the writer’s strike. Nonetheless, I still was willing to pay that much–even though it’s MORE than I’ve paid for the previous DVDs–mostly because I assumed you’d have a lot of extra features…but you don’t.

Your special features suck. There aren’t a whole lot of behind-the-scenes segments. The “deleted scenes” probably should’ve stayed that way–and the ones that are there seem like they were tacked on to the “features” because of a lack of other content. The gag-reel is too short. The “Mr. Turtle” thing is ridiculously stupid and goes on MUCH longer than the joke merits. And worst of all…uhh…where are the commentary tracks? You have NO commentary tracks! What’s the deal there? Don’t you know that most of us who buy DVDs buy them hoping to hear commentary? I mean, I don’t necessarily expect it on EVERY episode…but come on…like it’d kill you to do one per disc. Was it that Jason Lee was too busy flopping in “Alvin and the Chipmunks” to come in for the day’s record, so you were like “screw it?” That sucked HARD, DVD. I don’t dig that.

In short, please be at least five-dollars less, and let season 4 know that I expect more of it when it hits DVD.

Otherwise, thanks for being–even in a less than perfect season–one of the funniest and most enjoyable shows on TV. I still love you. I just know you can do better, and I want to help you be the best you can.

Your friend,