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This is kind of a post to a limited audience of my readers (if any)…although I hope it makes more of you check out the site…but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

My friend Jon has been running an awesome blog called “Bits & Pieces” for a couple of years. It’s really good. He goes to a bunch of blogs and websites, finds stuff he thinks is funny or interesting and posts it on his own blog (with a link back to the original poster, which a lot of people DON’T do, myself included). He’ll occasionally post stuff about his road-trips and whatnot, too…but for the most part, he just posts stuff from the web that he finds on other sites. (In other words, he doesn’t create probably 90% of the stuff that appears on his blog, he just posts it.)

Of late, he’s been getting crap about some of the political stuff he posts. People in the comments on his posts have been saying he’s showing a Liberal bias and has been showing unfair support of Obama while bashing McCain. Coming from a guy (me) who has virtually made it his MISSION to show a Liberal bias while showing unfair support of Obama and bashing McCain, I think the people in his comments-posts who are ripping into him are full of crap. Yes, he posts some anti-McCain stuff. He also posts a lot of anti-Obama stuff. (I think a lot of the anti-Obama stuff’s funny, by the way.) One of his primary defenses is that he just doesn’t see as much funny Obama stuff on the net. I think that’s fair. (In fact, I said that last month in one of my posts on this blog–I think the one called “Slogans.”)

In Jon’s defense, I’ve known him all my life. In all that time, knowing him personally, I have NEVER known him to spout his political views in a hurtful, cruel, or intentionally unkind way. At least if he’s done it, I’ve never heard it. I’m sure somewhere along the line, he’s slipped up and said something that offended someone–we all do–but in the experiences I’ve had with him, he’s never been the kind of guy that’s said, “Screw you, different-voter!” and stormed off. He’s a really level-headed, kind, and funny guy. Maybe his blog does seem to have some bias…but I know for a fact he doesn’t do it to offend anyone, and he doesn’t do it on purpose. (And I maintain that he doesn’t show a bias at all, and that he offers a pretty close balance.)

Also, as long as I’ve known Jon, honestly, I’ve assumed he was a Republican. He strikes me as a kind of Conservative guy. (He probably thinks of himself as an Independent; probably often apolitical, by the way–and he’s probably right.) I have absolutely no idea who he’s voting for. I don’t assume that his blog–which again, is largely pruning the chaff off of others and using the viable stuff–is an accurate representation of his feelings…but then again, as I said, I know the guy.

All that to say this…

As you know, the Internet’s full of stuff that you may or may not want to see, and that you may or may not agree with. Jon’s blog posts the highlights of that stuff. You’re likely to find some stuff you like and some stuff you don’t. But, it’s coming from a guy who’s fair, who’s one of the few genuinely NICE guys I know, and who above all else enjoys a good-laugh. If you want to see an asshole ranting about politics and how much he hates the Republican Party’s platform, you need look no further than my archive-list to the right–that’s MY thing, and I’d be offended if Jon encroached on it. You’re just not going to find it on Jon’s blog. It’s not there.

Check him out if you want a laugh.

(EDIT: By the way – the political stuff is only a percentage of what Jon posts. Most of his stuff doesn’t have anything to do with politics and is just random, funny stuff. Please don’t get the impression that he runs a strictly political blog–it’s just a small part of what he does.)

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4 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces”

  1. Huh? I could understand people getting about unfair reporting on news channels; CNN, Fox News and whatever. But I don’t get someone who complains about a liberal bias on someone’s blog. And correct me if I’m wrong, but it is his personal website, right?

    If you don’t like the show, change the channel (with your mouse, in this analogy).

  2. Yeah, it’s his personal site. And like I said, it’s only a percentage of what he puts up there. Mostly it’s just random funny stuff (and even the political stuff is SUPPOSED to be funny most of the time).

    I guess it’s like those people who watch “The Daily Show” and think it’s a legit news show…they just don’t get it.

    As I’ve always said, if someone’s offended by a joke, they probably deserve to be.

  3. Point’s well made, but if comments are not wanted then comments should be disabled. If he allows comments then a person should be free to post a comment. So, set up the proper boundaries with comments or simply turn them off.

    Too many bloggers get worked up when they blog their opinions and their readers blog their opinions back. If they don’t want to hear the opinions of their readers they should either stop blogging or, as stated above, turn comments off.

    Not intending to be rude…just food for thought.

  4. I agree absolutely, but the point is they’re not even talking about HIS opinions. He’s not endorsing ANYTHING, he’s just posting jokes–about both sides–yet the McCain fans are jumping all over him. Most of the Obama fans don’t seem to care, though. It’s just such an odd contrast, and he doesn’t deserve the crap he’s getting, since he’s not doing what he’s being accused of.

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