Here’s another post of assorted stuff.

  • I’m a mix or two away from being done with the new record. I’ve been working on it pretty hard. I keep on finding little problems that take FOREVER to fix, even though they’re minor. Like the vocals will need tweaking. Or the mix will be too “boomy.” Or there’s reverb where there should be none. Stuff like that. However, I feel the NEED to get this thing done. I realized recently that I first started talking about it on the blog on Sept. 24, 2006. It’s been two years, plus a few days. Yikes. On the plus side, though, I think it’s probably my nicest SOUNDING work. You can hear everything, and nothing seems too overpowering. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • There are plenty of Press Kits for Blue Tattoo floating around now. Should be some gigs forthcoming soon.
  • My friend (and Blue Tattoo guitarist) Chris is now a married man. They got hitched in a very small ceremony and they’re having a “Hors D’oeuvres and Cocktail Reception” (all spellings and capitalizations credited to the invitation) on Oct. 18. So…congrats Chris and Amy. See you then.
  • I haven’t been feeling well lately. Been kind of light-headed and worn out. I got about seven hours of sleep last night, but I could really use about another five. Not sure what that’s all about. I’ve just felt a little short of breath and generally hazy lately. Could be anything. Hoping it’s nothing that gets worse.
  • It’s Fall/Autumn (which ever you prefer). I like Fall. (Both as a choice of words and as a season.) I like the cooler temperatures, and the leaves falling. I dig the slightly slower pace life seems to have. I like that it’s not too far away from Christmas. I like the shorter daylight hours. I like pumpkin and apple pies. So Fall’s awesome. Glad it’s here.
  • I have Friday off. I’m SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to that. I wish I had time in my work schedule to take a proper vacation, but I don’t. So I LIVE for days where there are no classes and I can close the Library for a day or so. My workers seem happy about it, too. (Note to any SLCC people who may read my blog and who are mad about us being closed… I researched it. We’ve been closed for Fall break every year for the past FOUR years. This was not an arbitrary, spur of the moment decision. Plus, it’s been posted on our door for the whole week. By now, it’s not my fault if you haven’t read it.) I’m particularly grateful for the time off this week, as it’s been kind of a killer–and tomorrow’s going to be MISERABLE. I’ve got meetings all day, starting at 8:30–which, of course, is two-hours before my usual time that I start work. In short, I have a possibility of having to pull and 11 hour day tomorrow. That’s filled with suckery!
  • I bought one of the re-masters/re-issues of the Three Stooges that they’ve just done. They’re putting out every episode in chronological order. It’s awesome! Some of my favorites happened to be on the volume I bought. I was going to start with Volume 1 and work my way through a set at a time, but Best Buy only had Volume 2…so I started there. But that’s okay…it’s not really an ongoing story. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I talked about Metallica a few posts ago…but I’ve got to say, as far as metal goes, I’m still and Iron Maiden fan, first and fore-all. (Listening to “Seventh Son” today.)

I think that’s all that’s really worth mentioning at the moment. I’m sure I’ll think of more tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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