Happy Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

On one of the music stations (I forget which one, even though I’ve been watching it), they’ve declared it “RUSH Hashanah” and they’re playing a bunch of concerts and videos by Canadian power-trio Rush for 24 hours. Which brings me to a fairly embarrassing realization…

Somehow, I had no idea Geddy Lee is Jewish.

I know, right? Seems obvious. In fact, it’s deeper than just him being Jewish. His parents were Holocaust survivors who met while in a retention camp. Apparently his real name is Gary Lee Weinrib and he got saddled with “Geddy” because his mom’s accent was so thick that “Gary” came out “Geddy” so it stuck. I guess he dropped the “Weinrib” for the sake of it not really sounding like a rock-star name or something…

So, yeah..for all these years, I’ve apparently been idolizing Gary Weinrib.

Live and learn…and happy Rosh Hashanah! 🙂

Current Listening:

  • The last live Rush record that I’ve forgotten the name of, but that is on my iPod…

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