I’m doing an entire post about…

…the new Metallica record, “Death Magnetic.”

Okay. I haven’t liked a Metallica record in ten years. “Black Album” was okay, but not great. I could have LIVED with it if they’d continued down that road…but I still didn’t love it. “Load” was aptly named. “Re-Load” was re-aptly named. “St. Anger” was a freaking joke–nu metal with the snare turned off…ugh…

…but this one’s good.

I put it in and I really HOPED it would suck. I expected to hate it and to feel like I wasted my money on it, despite all of the great reviews I’d been reading. But I got about two minutes in and I realized it was awesome. And it kept being awesome. Track after track. I’m wondering where this was ten years ago.

Sounds like a “Puppets” and “Justice” hybrid. Really cool…and Lars has a SICK (in the good way) bass drum sound on this record. It’s bone-shattering.

Felt like doing an entire post on it because, frankly, it’s that good to have them back.

(EDIT: I hate it when I have typos…especially in the title of the post…sigh…fixed it.)

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