For the Record… (Pun Unintended)

Just in case anyone was wondering what my time/effort-level in relationship to Blue Tattoo adds up to… Here’s a list of stuff I regularly do and/or contribute for the band:

  1. I write all of the music (or high 90-percentile, since I mainly do the melodies, and the specifics of the other parts are left up to those who play them).
  2. I write at least 50% of the lyrics, possibly more.
  3. I design the artwork for the stuff we need art for.
  4. I handle the burning of the demos.
  5. I assemble the press packets.
  6. I sacrifice living-space in my house (for other people’s gear and the individual preferences of those who are in the band–ie, roundabout Christmas last year, I completely re-arranged the room because the drummer though it’d be cool to have us all closer together).
  7. I’m about to drop a few hundred dollars on soundproofing.
  8. I’m the webmaster (though there’s nothing posted, there’s stuff that I’m working on pretty hard).
  9. I recently boosted the gain on our demo, so it’s a little louder and fuller sounding.
  10. …not to mention rehearsal…and literally thousands of dollars in gear.

…so, y’know…I pull my weight. Just in case anyone wonders about my commitment level. ***Cough…***

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