Four things that’ve happened…

Kind of want to blog about four different things, so I’m going to do them all at once.

1. “Out from the Light”
As many of you will know, I’ve been promising a new solo record for about a year (or so), titled “Out from the Light.” My feet have been dragging on it for various reasons, some of which weren’t my fault but most of which were. However, this past weekend, Dan Drake came over and put down his keyboard tracks. As such, the record has now FINISHED the production phase. Now, we’ve just got post production, which is the process of me cleaning up, mixing, and mastering the recordings. The “cleaning up” part takes the longest, as it’s going through each track and fixing whatever needs fixing and removing unwanted noises, etc. The rest is pretty quick. So I’ll be doing that over the next week or so, and I’ll soon have a new record finished.

Just want to add a note that this is some of the nicest-sounding work I’ve ever done. It’s kind of “pretty” sounding. Dan’s piano-work really adds a lot and there are moments where I forget that it’s even MY project. That’s pretty cool. Never had that before. I’ve talked a LOT about how this record covers darker subject matter. However, I’ve been realizing that it also kind of celebrates it. There IS beauty in sadness, and there’s something romantic about the futile. I guess that’s what I’m trying to capture on this record…and if anything captures the “beauty” part of that, it’s Dan’s keys.

One quick update on Dave–who you may remember has suffered a severe and possibly career-threatening hand-injury. He’s been in good spirits. He’s been joking about it a little. Like he’s been posting slightly nonsensical typo-laden posts on my MySpace page, blaming it on the fact that he only has one hand to type with. That’s pretty funny. He finds out on either the 25th or the 29th (I forget which he told me) when he can have his stitches removed.

2. The Emmys
Okay…I didn’t watch the Emmys, mostly because there was a bunch of stuff nominated that I don’t care about at all, and I knew the stuff I DID care about wouldn’t be winning. The show I probably put the most effort into is “LOST” and I knew they wouldn’t be taking home “best drama” nor would Michael Emerson get whatever he was up for–even though he SORELY deserved it. But I get why it didn’t win… (Apologies for the forthcoming asterisks.)

A lot of people are saying “LOST” didn’t win because “it’s TOO good,” but I don’t buy that at all. That just sounds a lot like the nerd who gets beaten up all the time saying, “They only do it because they’re jealous.” No. They do it because you’re a f**king nerd.

I think that Lost is pretty much the best thing on TV (or at least close…it’s between that and “House”)…but it’s one of those shows that will never be honored in the way it probably should be (unless they pile on the awards in the final season). It’s not that it’s too smart. It’s not that it’s too well done. It’s that it’s a show that you HAVE to watch every show to know what’s going on (thereby giving it an immediately limited audience after the first season), and it’s sci-fi.

Going back to the “nerd” illustration… There are a lot of nerds out there who are really nice, wonderful people. They do great things. They are good to those who love them. They may even really love some of the same basic stuff you do (in this metaphor, let’s say they love Led Zeppelin, just as the TV industry loves dramatic death-scenes). But… After you’ve been around for a couple of minutes, they mention something to the effect that the theory of relativity combined with a time fluctuation, combined with electromagnetism could possibly allow a bunny to travel forward in time a few seconds, therefore on a massive scale, the same principle could move an entire island…

…and they get the sh*t beaten out of them. Lesson learned.

3. The Feldman Gig This Weekend
There wasn’t one. The gig was double-booked by the bar, and we were cancelled at the last minute. Apologies to anyone who might have shown up.

It’s getting to be an unsettling trend with this band. In recent days, we’ve been screwed out of money (Pirate’s Cove–where we’re playing next week AGAIN for some reason, and it’s absolutely the LAST time I’m doing it–and it’s under protest). We’ve had gigs where no one showed up (Kokomos–when I didn’t play bass). We’ve had gigs end early because of lack of attendance (Mac’s–who were actually really nice about it, and were really cool people). We’ve had bars book us on St. Patrick’s Weekend and not draw a crowd, then blame US for no one coming in (Parrot’s–their owner’s a freak, an ass, and a complete douchebag…but other than that I have no strong opinions about him).

I’m starting to think we’re playing the wrong places. I mean…if we’re booked at bars that DON’T have a crowd in them on a Saturday night, then we’re playing the wrong bars. It’s a bar…it should be overflowing with people. If it’s not, then you can’t blame the band. If you’re expecting a band to bring in their friends, you’re working under a failing business model. (This is especially true as it applies to a cover band–were we playing originals, the bars would have a valid point.) Maybe we don’t just need to book ANYTHING…maybe we need to book places that have a few cars sitting in the parking lot.

It’s just been frustrating lately…

4. Duckman
So “Duckman” came out on DVD! (Well, the first two seasons, anyway.) I’ve loved “Duckman” for YEARS. It’s one of the first really “adult” themed animated shows (from like 1994) starring Jason Alexander in the title-role. It’s lewd, rude, and in poor taste…and is AWESOME! I’m just really happy that it’s on DVD now! I’m hoping the releases of seasons 3-4 aren’t too far behind.

…and those are the four things I wanted to blog about…

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2 thoughts on “Four things that’ve happened…”

  1. Ha! Though, I must say, the one where he’s holding the needle is actually kind of spooky. But, yeah, that’s fun for us fans. 🙂

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