Okay, I’m doing a kind of political post, but I’m trying to make it fair.

As you know, in any election year, there are a bunch of slogans and jokey phrases that get thrown around by the supporters of either side. Usually they’re kind of mean. Since I like mean, I now present to you my favorite jokey campaign-slogans (so far) behind the 2008 election. 10 for the Obama Campaign, 10 for the McCain Campaign. Let’s go.


  1. Not as much of a single slogan, but go to
  2. Tax + Spend = Change
  3. If Barack wins, it’ll be an Obama-nation. (Say it out loud if you don’t get it.)
  4. It’s called the White House… (sic)
  5. JUST SAY NO-bama
  6. Chuck Norris does not like Obama.
  7. Vote McCain/MILF ’08! (Actually, I’m not sure if that’s Pro-McCain or not…but it’s funny.)
  8. Say NO to B.O.
  9. If the Democrats had their way, Bristol wouldn’t have a problem. (Again, I’m not really sure if that’s necessarily Pro-McCain, but it’s definitely anti-abortion and semi-pro-Bristol Palin…so it stays.)
  10. Admit it: You just think voting for the black guy makes you a better person.

Anti-McCain/Pro-Obama (Pro-bama):

  1. John McCain – Four more years (until the nursing home)!
  2. Jesus was a community organizer. Pilate was a governor.
  3. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still Sarah Palin.
  4. Average Life-Expectancy for a male in America: 73.6 years. (More of a statistic, but applicable.)
  5. You can’t spell “maniac” without “McCain.”
  6. McCain: He remembers what “Maverick” is referring to.
  7. …you do realize that she didn’t write that speech, right?
  8. Obama: Because 8 is ENOUGH.
  9. Women should be leaders, not props.
  10. President Palin: A heartbeat away.

If the McCain ones seem meaner, it’s not just because I’m voting for Obama…there’s just more of them out there. There’s more specific stuff to work with on the McCain side, too. Most of the Obama jokes out there are just recycled Liberal jokes with no real focus on Obama. I mean, sure, “A taxpayer voting Democrat is like a chicken voting Sanders” is funny…but it’s not really an Obama joke is it? …and I think the whole Obama/Osama thing was played out before he even had a legitimate bid… But I do want to give a runner up nod to “Obama is the new black.” Thought that was funny. Just kind of depends on your point of view as to who that supports and/or if it’s appropriate. (Also, it’s probably worth noting that I’ve heard absolutely NO Biden jokes, for some reason.)

…but yeah, my official position is that McCain sucks and Palin’s an idiot. There’s just funny stuff for the other side, too.