Well that sucks…

I got a call from my friend Dave Knobel today. Some of you will know Dave as the guy providing the drums for my new record. All of his drum tracks are done, and we’ve actually been recording stuff for his band (L.E.O.N.) in recent weeks–and I have no idea what that stands for, by the way. Unfortunately, Dave suffered an accident. He was working with a circular saw at his job when his glove got caught and it pulled his hand into the blade. Severed two tendons and two arteries. He’s lucky he knew to put pressure on it (from his Boy Scout days, he says) or he could have easily bled to death.

The doctors are being elusive about his recovery. They aren’t giving him any real information about what sort of mobility or functionality he can expect to regain. As you can imagine, a guy who has played drums and guitar for most of his life tends to want such answers. All he seems to know for sure is that he’ll need plastic surgery to correct the damage. People around his work have been suggesting that he should also investigate breast implants while he’s in there. That’d be fun. Like, he doesn’t have them do ANYTHING to repair his hand, but suddenly he’s got this SWEET rack, so no one notices. Legendary. (Though I’m not sure how his wife and kids would take that…)

So…yeah…Dave’s incredibly lucky that it wasn’t worse (I mean…that’s basically how Johnny Cash’s brother died, you know), but it sucks that he’s on the shelf as a musician. I only hope the damage isn’t permanent or disabling. He’s too good a musician and person for that to happen to him.

So, y’know, if you could keep Dave in your thoughts in the coming months, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. So would I. I really care about the guy.

4 thoughts on “Well that sucks…”

  1. dang, that sucks. you didn’t say whether it was the right or left hand – or would that even make a difference in his musical future?

  2. I haven’t seen him face to face yet, and for some reason it didn’t occur to me to ask which hand. I’m not sure how it would change things for him if it were one hand over another, but if it were me, I’d prefer the right hand be hurt, so I could still have the dexterity to make chords with my left. But he’s primarily a drummer and plays a little guitar recreatronally. Really not sure how it changes things for a drummer, if he’s got any nerve damage or anything lke that. I’m sure I’ll find out shortly after he does. He seemed in good spirits when we last spoke, though, so I don’t think he’s expecting the worst.

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