This struck me as funny…

My assistant at the library stumbled upon my blog today (as she was looking for something else entirely). She ran across a post from 2006 that was a list of stuff I like. I only kind of remember writing it, and all I particularly remembered about the list was that I also included a much shorter list of things I didn’t like and “George Bush” was among them–which wasn’t really the POINT of the list (or this post for that matter), but it was all I remembered.

The thing that struck me as funny was that she pointed out that I listed “Jesus” at #23.

Now, I should say that the list was not necessarily in order of significance…but here’s a brief summary of things I had above Jesus on the list:

Having a blog
The Who

…and some other things that are a little bit more sentimental and don’t make me look quite as weird. But she was right. It is kind of strange that I work at a Bible college, I hold a preaching degree, and I was probably even AT the college (“working”) when I wrote that post…but it didn’t occur to me to list “Jesus” until #23.

Just thought that was funny. No real point to today’s writing.

…oh, except I wanted to mention that I had someone come into the library today and complain that they found the cover of one of the magazines we stock offensive and asked me to cover it up. Uh…no? I didn’t take the photo, the photo cleared every standards board they had to go through, and the issue’s actually been sitting there since JUNE and this is the first complaint we’ve had…so I’m not too worried about it. I’m not going to censor something that’s already been cleared. Plus, I noticed that the person didn’t complain about the nearby issue of a magazine that presented a much less-clad “Adam and Eve” with strategically placed tree-branches…guess when the Christians present nudity, it’s perfectly pure, but when a secular magazine has someone on the cover in essentially a swimming-suit (revealing no nipples, panty lines, or “private” areas), it’s lewd. Odd, the double-standards that pop up from time to time.

…however, it did bring to my attention that I should really find out why they haven’t shipped us a new issue since June. That’s actually a valid concern.

Current Listening:

  • I’ve returned to Ray Davies’ record “Working Man’s Cafe.” Certainly at or near the top of my “Best of 2007” list.