When it Rains…

The blog’s been a little political lately, and though that’s a big part of who I am, and this being an election year, it’s bound to be more prominent, I thought it’d be good to write something else since I know a lot of my friends who come here aren’t as liberal as I am. I don’t really care if I offend people I don’t know, but for those who I do–and whose opinions matter and/or are civil–I thought a return to nonsense would be welcomed…and I like folks like Roger and Nik, whose political views often vary from mine, but who I still can count as friends. Might be nice to write something I know won’t irritate them for a change.

So here’s a list of my top ten favorite things to do on a rainy day–which is probably all we’ll have here in St. Louis until the backlash of Gustav blows away. (By the way, I’ve heard virtually NO reports of major damage from that…have I just been missing the reports due to the RNC overshadowing it, or was it less than what they imagined? Anyone know?)

Also, I know I’m posting this in the same day as my last post, but that’s because it’s DEAD in the office and I need a quick break from working on the same thing I’ve been working on all day. My last post is still worth reading if you like my political posts…but if you don’t, I wouldn’t recommend it–even though I think I’m being a little more fair than usual in that one.

…anyway…when it rains, I like to:

10. Sit around with the lights off. Don’t know why. I just like the sound of the rain hitting the roof. I find it relaxing. I particularly used to like the sound the rain made on the roof of the auditorium of the Ferguson church, back when I worked there. There was a resonance that was just great. Not too bad at the house, but nothing echoes like a church.

9. Play guitar. Specifically acoustic, but plugged in with a lot of delay. I just think an echoing guitar balanced against a rain-shower (not a STORM, mind you, but a shower) sounds really cool. I usually don’t play anything too specific during these times. Just experimenting around–nothing salvageable or even very good. Just stuff.

8. Watch John Cusack movies. Not just because Cusack’s my favorite actor…but mostly because it rains in almost every movie he’s done, except for “Grosse Point Blank.” I’m sure there’s another one or two that it doesn’t rain…but most of them have at least one major rain scene. Just kind of cool/geeky to tap into that.

7. Solitary Things. This one’s kind of a catch-all for whatever else isn’t on this list. Just stuff that I do by myself that I don’t do on an ordinary day. Stuff like go to a cafe or a pub and have a drink and a sandwich. Or go shopping for dinner-ware. Or sit with a glass of wine and watch a DVD. Stuff that I don’t really need or want other people to be around to do.

6. Write and or sketch. Specifically longhand (if I’m writing), on a blank and unlined piece of paper, with a pencil. I like the scratching sound of the pencil against the paper, offset by the rain. I’ve come up with some of my favorite writings and drawings that way.

5. Walk through a parking lot. Especially if I don’t have to look good, or can easily excuse it. I like the aesthetic of walking in and having people KNOW I was rained on. I don’t quite know why. I think it’s just because that’s something we all can relate to–anywhere you go in the world that people can inhabit, there’s rain (or snow, which is close enough). We’ve all come in with wet-socks and had to change our clothes before sitting on the good furniture. It’s a common human experience. There’s something comforting in that. As a Humanist, I like things that are common to all of us. It rains on both the terrorist and the pacifist, the Christian and the Jew, the Sunni and the Shiite, the living and the dead. I like it so much that for the entirety of my adult life so far, I have never owned an umbrella (ella ella–sorry, it’s still stuck in my head).

4. Drive. I especially like to drive at night–like 2 or 3 a.m. I don’t really care for it at noon or 6 p.m. when the crazies are out and no one bothers with thinking of the OTHER drivers on the road. (I don’t know what it is, but when it rains in this town, people freaking FORGET how to drive–not that they’re very good at it on a dry day. It’s probably like that in every city, though.) But in the wee-hours, when the roads are pretty empty, I find it really relaxing to drive around in the rain. Sometimes with moody music. Sometimes with nothing at all. Usually with a window cracked open.

3. Listen to David Bowie. I think that’s why he’s so big in the UK–the rain. His music just seems to fit the rain really well–particularly stuff from “Hours” and onward, in my opinion. I especially like to listen to Bowie driving around at 2-3 a.m. like I was just saying. 🙂

2. Read. There’s a really nice quality to reading when the rain’s bouncing off the roof. Usually with a cup of coffee or tea. Perfect time to escape into a novel or biography. I mean…that might just be a librarian-thing…but I dig it, anyway.

1. Sleep. By FAR my favorite thing to do in the rain. I don’t know why, but I always seem to sleep much, much more soundly when it’s raining. In fact, I’ve slept through major, tornadic storms before. I guess it all goes back to me finding the sound the rain makes on the roof (and/or windows, depending on the bedroom) relaxing.

So…there you go. A lighter post for y’all. 🙂


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