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Not to short change the conversation that’s going on in the comments of my last post (not that we’re going to convince each other anyway)…but I saw Aimee Mann and Squeeze last night.

Good show. I’m a big Aimee Mann fan. She’s one of those artists who makes me feel like I shouldn’t bother writing anymore because whatever I do won’t be as good as what she does. Of course, we play completely different styles, and “good” is a subjective term…so I’ll keep going until people stop buying it. But, still…Aimee’s awesome. She did mainly stuff from her new record last night–which isn’t my FAVORITE of her records, but I can’t find much negative to say about it either. (I just absolutely fell in love with a previous record.) She prefaced one of the songs with (paraphrase) “on my website’s forum, they’re discussing which song on my new record is their LEAST favorite, and I guess this one’s winning.” Then she played “Great Beyond,” which is of course one of my FAVORITES off of the new record…so…that pretty much tells you all you need to know about my music taste, I guess.

Squeeze took the stage after Aimee. I’m not too big of a Squeeze fan, and it always kind of makes me sad to see the dinosaur-acts touring clubs (no offense to them)…but this was a really good show! (For the record, I’ve never HATED Squeeze or anything, I just never got into them.) I knew way more of their stuff than I thought I did, and I like their present live sound a LOT better than I like their old records (which my brother–a huge Squeeze fan–describes as “two English guys having fun with a Casio Keyboard”). Like I said, I’m not a big Squeeze fan, but it was an energetic show, and we ended up right down front in the shadow of Glenn Tilbrook himself. Also I kept making really weird and awkward eye-contact with their keyboard player. Not quite sure what was happening there.

So that was fun…and next week…Motorhead. I not kidding. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen Springsteen, Aimee Mann, Squeeze, and next week Motorhead (with the Misfits opening). This is probably the weirdest combination of shows I’ve been to in a long time–and my brother’s doing exactly the same thing. Plus, before the Motorhead show, we’re going to have a band-practice, for some reason. That’s going to be an exhausting day, and I’m already regretting it. Unfortunately, my current work schedule doesn’t really allow for me taking days off (at least not easily), so I can’t really plan for a personal day on Wednesday or anything. So…if you’re around me at the office on Wednesday, I apologize in advance for not being very helpful. I’ll be exhausted and likely slightly deaf.

…so that’s how things are going, I guess…

Current Listening:

  • Still Aimee Mann, probably for a couple of days until I have to somehow make the transition to Motorhead.