Over-Reacting to the RNC Delay…

For the record, before I say what I’m about to… I have a cousin named Jim Walker who’s very lucky to be alive. Jim is a trucker, and a few years ago, he went down to New Orleans on a delivery and checked into a hotel. He overslept. Katrina knocked out the electricity, poisoned his water and he rode out the storm listening to the shouts of people dying all around him until he could venture out far enough to hitchhike home to Arkansas. He suffered medical problems for a good while after and he still ends his story with, “There just wasn’t anyone sending help.” So, before anyone gets all high and mighty about anything I’m about to say…just know that I know what it’s like to have loved-ones in the middle of a hurricane.


Can anyone tell me exactly how delaying a convention in Minnesota helps people in the Gulf? I know that the Republicans find themselves between a rock and a hard place right now. If they DIDN’T cancel the convention, they’d be criticized for that, and now they’re being criticized by me FOR cancelling…so it’s a lose-lose. And I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a nice, classy move to delay the festivities…but I really don’t know what it accomplishes. I mean…are they taking the time away from the convention to sandbag and help people evacuate? Nope. They’re wandering around the Mall of America–and I hear Dick Cheney LOVES Lego-land. (Okay…so some of that wasn’t “true.”) It’s just a (FREAKISHLY TRANSPARENT) political move to make themselves look compassionate (and I’d think/say that if the Dems had done it last week, too). Ever since I’ve been old enough to recognize that kind of manipulative, cashing-in-on-tragedy politics, I’ve abhorred it.

Personally, I was hoping to find out something–ANYTHING–about McCain’s running-mate whose name I can’t even remember right now since no one’s ever heard of her in the first place. But, I guess the delay means they’ve got more time to create a plausible story about how someone with two years’ experience has more to offer than either Obama or Biden. Also, I hear she’s a former beauty-queen…so…there’s your challenge, Internet. Find me those pictures and I’ll give a shiny new nickel to the first one to e-mail them to me.

Again…don’t get me wrong…the hurricane’s a bad thing and anyone who has for some reason chosen to stay in its way is in for some real hellish struggles in the next couple of days (of course, I don’t really understand WHY anyone chooses to stay…but I digress…). I’m just saying that for the rest of the country, life keeps turning and I want to know who this VP candidate is. We can’t really DO anything until it’s time to clean up anyway…and let’s face it, the Republican Party has shown that it’s not so good at that in the not too distant past…so they may as well get their TV time while it’s available…I’m thinking it’ll hurt them more to hold the convention in the week AFTER the storm, when they could/should be doing something to help.

…but that’s just me talking…and I’m just a guy whose cousin survived Katrina.

(And no, I didn’t give to any Katrina-relief charities, as I didn’t have any expendable money at that time. I will, however, probably give to a Gustav-relief fund at some point in the near future, as life’s given me a little bit of money in recent years…so don’t bother asking about that.)

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  • That country-music kid they trot out on the MDA Telethon every year, but who I’ve never seen in any other context, probably because he’s not too good. (And yes, I do give to MDA every year…)

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