A Just Palin Bad Choice

I took the time to learn the name of McCain’s running mate. It’s Sarah Palin. I also looked into her back-story a little bit…and here are some of the facts that maybe the McLame Campaign should’ve taken into consideration…my thoughts are bulleted.

Palin only has two-years of leadership experience.

  • The Republicans are trying to say that in her two years she’s had more leadership experience than either Obama or Biden. Why? Because by state law, she commands the Alaskan National Guard. Which is kind of like saying that Ron Howard should get a Grammy because his movies have songs in them. Not to talk crap about Alaska…but can you think of the last time you said, “Man, I’m really happy the Alaskan National Guard was there! They really saved the day!”? Me neither.

Palin’s youngest child has Down syndrome.

  • Sounds like she’ll have plenty of time to devote to the nation’s second highest office. I bet she won’t have to neglect her baby’s needs or health even ONCE while she’s in office, if she gets elected. What with the Republican Party’s emphasis on family values, there’s no way they’d ever let a mom whose kid has Down syndrome risk the well-being of her family right? (There was a pinch of sarcasm there…)

More than a month before the baby (who was born with Down syndrome) was due, Palin was about to deliver the keynote address at a conference in Texas. She began leaking amniotic fluid. She delivered the speech, then flew back to Alaska. Then seven hours later, she gave birth to the baby. Palin returned to work three days later.

  • I…I don’t even know where to start with how absurd, irresponsible, and insane that all of that stuff is… She might actually be dumber than Bush.

She is a member of the Assembly of God church.

  • Since the Republicans consider white-bread Bible thumpers to be their base, they should really do the research to find out that among Christians the Assembly of God isn’t too highly favored. There are many within the Christian fellowship–even among us non-denoms–who think of the AoG churches as being a cult. (I’m not saying I think that, by the way…it’s just a common viewpoint.) So, I’m thinking they should have found themselves a Baptist or Methodist if they wanted to gain any God-points with the voters.

She is a former beauty queen.

  • As I’ve said before…I’m just WAITING for those pictures to surface…so far this is all we’ve got–but it’s certainly enough to make you wonder where her dress starts…Can’t wait until this one blows up.

As has been all over the news today, her 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant and is not married.

  • Okay. People make mistakes. Anyone lampooning her for being pregnant and unmarried at the age of 17 needs to take a look in the mirror… If you’re one of those people and you personally EVER had sex outside of marriage, but particularly in your teen years, you’re a hypocrite. Nonetheless…the Republicans being the “family values” party would’ve had a field day if this had been Chelsea Clinton or one of B-Rock’s kids. (I mean, just look at how quickly they vilified John Edwards.) I’m not judging the girl…but the party’s pretty full of crap right about now…and how did they not see this ship sinking?

So…there are a few facts. I’m actually enjoying this a little. If this were a TV show, I’d watch it…a campaign slowly collapsing like a flan in a cupboard. The only thing that worries me is that people like the roller-coaster so much that they might be thinking about voting for it.

My prediction: By this time next week, we’ll find out that she was once addicted to meth but is now addicted to Skittles–and she’ll say the latter is the worse addiction. And the Republicans will be saying, “You’ve got to admire her courage…boopitydoopitydoo…”

God Bless America!


10 thoughts on “A Just Palin Bad Choice”

  1. you’re wrong about the experience thing, she has more EXECUTIVE experience. She was mayor of an Alaskan town from 1996 – 2002,and became Governor of AK in 2006, about 8 years of EXECUTIVE experience, compared to “0” executive experience of Biden and Obama…

  2. haha, so now people’s personal family life is a qualifier for running for vice president? haha.

    How dare you use her down syndrome baby as propaganda against her? LEAVE HER FAMILY AND CHILDREN ALONE

    And about the amniotic fluid leaking issue, that goes on alot in the last month of pregnancy. and who are you to be the judge of how she handled the situation. the baby was born health, except for the down syndrome. are you a doctor?

    I think deep down you’re scared of her, you wouldn’t be attacking her with baseless charges unless you weren’t.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my thesis in action.

    Thanks for the comment…and remember this is MY blog, so I kind of get to say what I want and I don’t really have to qualify it. At least I attach my name to what I say.

  4. Oh, and you’re right. I AM scared of her and of McCain…and what they will do to this nation (which I love) if they are voted into office. I’m absolutely terrified.

    …but I’m not baseless. You’re just in someone else’s base.

  5. who i am doesn’t matter, what matters is Palin’s 8 years of EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE, compared to Biden and Obama’s big goose-egg of executive experience.

    if you’re not scared of Palin, quit using her children as political propaganda, supporting your out-dated, hippie, liberal opinions.

  6. (Apologies for the length of this comment. It’s the last time I’ll be spending this much time on it.)

    First off, I’m far from a hippie (I have a job, I bathe, I hate jam-bands, I don’t smoke pot or take acid, and I don’t go to sit-ins)…so your spouting of 1960/70s rhetoric doesn’t really do much more for me than my leftist-clap-trap does for you.

    You’re right about one thing (sarcasm alert), I do have a lot of audacity to suggest that Palin may be unwise to divide her time between a public office that has traditionally grayed the hair of those in it in a short time and a child with special needs–an issue to which I’m actually quite sensitive. How dare I suggest that her primary focus should be her family that has a child in it that needs special attention? All I’m saying is that one or the other will have to take a backseat, and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she’d choose the special needs of her family–which is great…but that means she shouldn’t be in the VP’s office, IMO. In the “family values” party, I’d hope they wouldn’t even put her IN that position in the first place…but I’d obviously be wrong.

    And you’re wrong (no sarcasm) about it not mattering who you are since you’ve made it such a point to ask me what MY qualifications are to pass judgement. You’re passing judgement, too, albeit in a positive light. So…what are your qualifications? You asked me if I’m a doctor. No I’m not. Are you? It’s a two-way street. (Of course, even if you said yes, there’s really no way to prove it, nor should you be obligated to.) Plus, it puts me at a pretty obvious disadvantage since you know more about me than I do about you just from my blog profile alone. If you don’t want me to know who you are, that’s fine…but don’t use that to tell me who I am.

    I have no problem with you having a different opinion, but it’d be nice if you took note of the fact that your arguments have been pretty much of the same (admittedly shallow) structure as mine, but for the other side…and it’s pretty obvious that when we’re both so tunnel-visioned, we’re not going to get anywhere. I mean…do you think you’re convincing me?

    …and yes, I realize the stupidity of that question, since I’m clearly not convincing you either…but since you posted it on my blog, I’m pretty much bound to answer, whereas you could stop at any time and/or stop reading stuff that obviously pisses you off. When I write political posts, I’m pretty obviously not writing to convince the Republicans of how “great” the Dems are. I write pretty much for the Dems. There are plenty of Republicans online too, if that’s the party you like…of course, I guess I’m just assuming you’re a Republican.

    Anyway, again…sorry for the length of this. Just figured I’d get all of my thoughts on the subject out there at once, so I don’t have to keep going back and forth all day…plus I’m just a wordy, rambling guy.

  7. i respect your opinion, i just don’t agree with it.

    good day to you sir.

    answer this, if Palin was a man, had 5 children and one with special needs, would this issue even be brought up? i thought you democrats were the “progressive values” party, ones that embraced working and powerful women. I guess you are for working women, only for liberal working/powerful women.

  8. Yikes. Sorry about that, Nik. It’s a shame that people with that much time on their hands are allowed to have Internet access.

    I mean, I’m all for conversation…but at least don’t hide behind the “anon” name and maybe–I don’t know–have some depth to your argument. Even if I don’t agree, I’d like to think the person arguing would want to have their opinion valued…and you just can’t achieve that with such posts. I don’t know about you, but I’m deleting any like that I get in the future.

    I was thinking that person just differed with my opinion on my blog, and I can respect that…but I guess I misread them. They’re just one of those–what do they call them? Trolls?

    Sorry I attract these people and I’m even more sorry they’re so classless as to bother people I link to as well.

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