Happy Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

On one of the music stations (I forget which one, even though I’ve been watching it), they’ve declared it “RUSH Hashanah” and they’re playing a bunch of concerts and videos by Canadian power-trio Rush for 24 hours. Which brings me to a fairly embarrassing realization…

Somehow, I had no idea Geddy Lee is Jewish.

I know, right? Seems obvious. In fact, it’s deeper than just him being Jewish. His parents were Holocaust survivors who met while in a retention camp. Apparently his real name is Gary Lee Weinrib and he got saddled with “Geddy” because his mom’s accent was so thick that “Gary” came out “Geddy” so it stuck. I guess he dropped the “Weinrib” for the sake of it not really sounding like a rock-star name or something…

So, yeah..for all these years, I’ve apparently been idolizing Gary Weinrib.

Live and learn…and happy Rosh Hashanah! 🙂

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  • The last live Rush record that I’ve forgotten the name of, but that is on my iPod…

I’m doing an entire post about…

…the new Metallica record, “Death Magnetic.”

Okay. I haven’t liked a Metallica record in ten years. “Black Album” was okay, but not great. I could have LIVED with it if they’d continued down that road…but I still didn’t love it. “Load” was aptly named. “Re-Load” was re-aptly named. “St. Anger” was a freaking joke–nu metal with the snare turned off…ugh…

…but this one’s good.

I put it in and I really HOPED it would suck. I expected to hate it and to feel like I wasted my money on it, despite all of the great reviews I’d been reading. But I got about two minutes in and I realized it was awesome. And it kept being awesome. Track after track. I’m wondering where this was ten years ago.

Sounds like a “Puppets” and “Justice” hybrid. Really cool…and Lars has a SICK (in the good way) bass drum sound on this record. It’s bone-shattering.

Felt like doing an entire post on it because, frankly, it’s that good to have them back.

(EDIT: I hate it when I have typos…especially in the title of the post…sigh…fixed it.)

All I Want from George W. Bush

I just want ONE meeting.

I want to sit across from him at a table with loads of secret-service agents around, in a well-lighted room with many exits, so he feels safe. Then I want to talk, on behalf of essentially the working poor, and I want him to listen. That’s all I want.

I won’t yell. I won’t call him names. For the first time in my life, I’ll even call him “Mr. President” and/or “sir.” But he has to LISTEN. He can’t interrupt me. He can’t counter my points. I just want him to hear, in PLAIN words from one of the people he probably wouldn’t otherwise acknowledge, what some of us think of him. I’ll even go the extra mile and tell him that I know I don’t speak for all of America, and that there are obviously a LOT of people out there who support and respect him far more deeply than I ever will–and I’ll admit to him that if we avoided talking politics, I could probably even call him “friend” in another life. But I want him to hear it.

He doesn’t have to agree. He doesn’t have to make changes. I just want him to know how tightly stretched my approx $25-grand a year is in his economy. I just want him to hear the first and last name of my friend who came home from Iraq without use of his leg. I want him to know how afraid people I know are that the economy is going to collapse and they won’t be able to live. I want him to know how hard it is for some of us to afford simple antibiotics in this country, while Iraq enjoys universal health-care. I want him to hear about a friend of mine who is gay that is regularly called “faggot” and has been beaten up for his “lifestyle,” and who isn’t allowed a simple TAX BREAK from being married. I want him to hear about my friend who regularly shaves his beard and head, hoping people will mistake him for “black” instead of recognizing him as “Arab” (even though he was born in Illinois).

I want him to know how badly the past eight years have hurt.

Then he can leave. I can leave. And I’ll forgive him.

…but I really should leave the science fiction writing to people like Kurt Vonnegut, I guess…he was better at it… On the other hand, though, he died last year, and someone has to dream, right?

OMG – Head for the hills and take your money and guns with you!!!

I had no idea. I really didn’t.

If you listened to the address George W. Bush gave the other night, you–much like myself–must have been shocked to find out that apparently this country’s in a major economic crisis! How did this happen?!? It’s sure news to me. Apparently it’s gotten so bad that the GOVERNMENT actually has to step in and do something to bail the nation out of debt!

Okay, folks…it’s time to get serious. You heard Mr. Bush. It’s time to panic. The stock-market is in serious danger, apparently gas prices are high, and–I had no CLUE–our national debt is through the roof! Good God people…the terrorists are winning!!!

It’s our fault. It’s got to be. We, as Americans, have failed our country by not being patriotic enough. We don’t have enough yellow ribbons stuck to our cars with magnets. We haven’t bought enough American flags. We didn’t give enough to the war effort–shoot we should have all volunteered to go to Iraq! After all, the government clearly knows what they’re doing over there, and I feel like I should personally call Mr. Bush and apologize for not having gone over there, rifle in hand and with a picture of him on my t-shirt.

So, it’s time to take drastic measures. We’ve got to cancel the election. No one but George W. Bush is educationally and spiritually equipped to get us through this emergency. No more campaigning. No more debating. Let’s just skip it. Also, I think it is our responsibility as Americans to follow Mr. Bush’s words and immediately panic. We’ve got to go to the banks and withdraw all of our money–don’t worry, they have enough, they’re banks. We’ll need to have funds to re-build America after it collapses under the weight of the mistakes WE all made. We’ll also need guns. Lots of them. We’ll need to protect the money–and to a lesser extent our families, traditions, and values–from the hordes of looters and rape gangs that are sure to form all across the nation. In fact, if anyone even knocks on your door… Shoot them immediately. George W. Bush says this is serious. Who are we not to trust the man that we all elected–with absolutely no dispute, controversy, or dirty politics–into the nation’s highest office?

Also… Set the nearest gas station to your home on fire. Now. The terrorists CAN’T get our gas. That’s probably why the prices are so high at the pumps…terrorists must be taking our gas…but if there’s no gas to TAKE, then there’s no way for them to win.

…now, maybe I’m just reacting out of fear and responding with desperation…but this is big news, and NO ONE saw it coming! I mean, like overnight we went from being loved by all peoples of the world, being the richest nation in the world, and having an economy so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it to–as of Tuesday–being in serious financial danger with absolutely no previous warning signs. Mr. Bush must have been as astounded as anyone. It’s not like he made any mistakes in his tenure in office, or like his administration has been running on vapors for the past 4-8 years. It’s not like his approval ratings have been in the toilet for the majority of his time in office or anything. I feel bad for the guy. This must have been an overwhelming shock to him.



Unless you’re a raving idiot who’s never heard the words “satire” or “sarcasm,” I guess I should cover my own butt by saying I meant NONE of the above…

In truth, we ARE in a major economic recession–bordering on a new depression-era in America, and something SHOULD be done about it…and it seems to me like it should’ve been done sometime BEFORE the election year…sometime when it WASN’T a cheap, whorish political move, prostituting the welfare of the American economy to get votes for a geriatric and an idiot. Something should have been done in 2004. We should have voted the son-of-a-Bush OUT. Or anytime between then and now, the word “impeachment” could have been thrown around a little bit more.

We ARE in a major economic crisis, and it’s the fault of the current administration–and McCain has been pretty vocal about having supported Mr. Bush’s decision-making, claiming to have voted with him 90% of the time, by the way. The speech the Burning Bush gave on Tuesday was a cheap political move, filled with truth–but truth that came about because of his ineptitude, not because of anything to do with economic “trends.” (Maybe something to do with an unjust, stupid, stupid–and I say again STUPID–war that’s killing tens-of-thousands and spending trillions of dollars?) This country IS in danger of collapse, and it’s been that way since the year 2000 when America flipped a coin between Bush and Gore and it came up tails a few times too often–sort of…we all know how that really worked out with the people of the nation having voted in the majority for the other guy…but whatever…broken record and all that…

The point is…George W. Bush is so full of sh*t that he can’t tell it from good chocolate anymore. He’s screwed this country so hard for so long that we’re not even feeling it anymore–instead just staring up at him with dead eyes and hoping he throws us a wadded-up $20 for our time when he leaves. Unfortunately…that $20 won’t even fill up your tank anymore.

Oh, and I’ll once again say that if our economy is in such a recession, maybe throwing a minimum of $600 at every tax-payer in the country last year wasn’t such a great financial idea, huh? …which, actually… That fits my prostitute metaphor from the last paragraph pretty well.


HAD to say all of that. Apologies to the readers I have that were offended, especially those who are my friends…but I just couldn’t leave that one alone. I do care if I offend my FRIENDS, and I hope they understand that I respect them and their views…I just have absolutely NO respect for what the current administration has done to MY country, which I love.

…also just a reminder that comment moderation is ON, so if you’re planning on posting anything cute, it won’t be seen by anyone other than me–and I’m not going to read much of it myself.

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  • …who can afford to buy CDs anymore??? I’m listening to crickets.

For the Record… (Pun Unintended)

Just in case anyone was wondering what my time/effort-level in relationship to Blue Tattoo adds up to… Here’s a list of stuff I regularly do and/or contribute for the band:

  1. I write all of the music (or high 90-percentile, since I mainly do the melodies, and the specifics of the other parts are left up to those who play them).
  2. I write at least 50% of the lyrics, possibly more.
  3. I design the artwork for the stuff we need art for.
  4. I handle the burning of the demos.
  5. I assemble the press packets.
  6. I sacrifice living-space in my house (for other people’s gear and the individual preferences of those who are in the band–ie, roundabout Christmas last year, I completely re-arranged the room because the drummer though it’d be cool to have us all closer together).
  7. I’m about to drop a few hundred dollars on soundproofing.
  8. I’m the webmaster (though there’s nothing posted, there’s stuff that I’m working on pretty hard).
  9. I recently boosted the gain on our demo, so it’s a little louder and fuller sounding.
  10. …not to mention rehearsal…and literally thousands of dollars in gear.

…so, y’know…I pull my weight. Just in case anyone wonders about my commitment level. ***Cough…***