Something for the Republicans

Okay…as much as I bash Bush on my blog (that was a lot of b-words), I have something to say that’s actually kind of positive. (Shock…disbelief…rioting in the streets…) No…I’m SERIOUS! (Though I should warn that it’s positive, but mixed with negativity and disillusionment…so it’s only so-so…it’s just slightly less mean than usual.)

I actually kind of respect that he stands behind his decisions, even when like 70% of the country is telling him he’s wrong. For example…the Iraq war. Going into it, the UN told him they wouldn’t support it (red flag). France shook their heads and walked away (redder flag). Germany (Ahem–GERMANY) didn’t want to get involved (GIANT red flag with a swastika on it). Ted Kennedy actually spoke as the voice of reason several times before Congress (red flag in a car that doesn’t float). Black was white, up was down…but Bush stuck with it and went to war in Iraq (actually dropping the first bomb BEFORE the designated time to start, thereby committing a war crime…but we’ll ignore that–uhh–apparently forever). It didn’t matter to him that he was wrong…it only mattered that he thought he was right. That’s actually kind of respectable. (Just a pity that it was a horrible idea to begin with.) If the situation had been different and he’d used the same reasoning to get us OUT of Iraq, I would’ve really respected the move.

Then, in contrast, when he’s in a relaxed state, he’s actually kind of fun to watch. I use as my example his un-Presidential-like behaviour at the 2008 Olympics. Let’s be honest–he looked like he was enjoying the best that the Beijing breweries have to offer (though it was probably just jet-lag, since he’s reportedly a recovering addict, assuming those reports are true). Some people berated him for his goofy-attire and casual manner…but personally, I kind of liked it. Honestly, if that’d been the guy we saw on the White House lawn for the past eight years, I probably could’ve lived with it a little bit easier. But until last month, I’d never really seen that side of him. Actually seemed like a guy I wouldn’t mind hanging out with, as long as we didn’t talk politics.

Let’s also take a few of his less-serious bad decisions and put a positive spin on them. We all remember him calling a reporter a “major league @$$hole” on national television. Well…the guy WAS pretty much being a major league @$$hole to him…and he called him on it. Good for him. I can get behind that. Or how about his inability to correctly pronounce the names of other world-leaders? Let’s be honest about it…you can’t either. Neither can I. I can relate to that and excuse it. Or how about him sitting for like 10 minutes in a schoolroom on 9/11/01–y’know when the secret-service agent leaned over and said, “Mr. President, the country’s under attack” (I assume) and he sat reading childrens literature and milking the photo-op. Part of me still thinks it was inexcusable for him not to get up and leave right away, but another part of me realizes that he had to have 8-billion things going through his head…and when I heard about the event, I kept going on about my day as planned and didn’t immediately react either. In those moments, he comes across like a regular dude at his job who doesn’t really know what to do when things go wrong, but does whatever comes to mind and doesn’t feel like he was wrong to do it. Admit it. That’s how your office works, too.

In the long and short of it, the main thing I respect about the man is that who and/or whatever stands against him, he does what he thinks is right (or at least what he says he thinks is right). He has an attitude of “well, if it’s a mistake, it’s MY mistake to make. You’re the ones who voted [sic] me in.” He does what he wants, when he wants, and history be damned.

…in a way, he’s almost my hero.

But, y’know…I’m not going to miss the recession when he’s finally booted out. And I’m not going to hate having a President (who was voted in) that can SPEAK in public. Nor am I going to miss the Iraq War. Nor am I going to miss the fear-tactics. Nor am I going to miss the things that this administration (as a whole) has done that I think are fundamentally EVIL. I’m just saying that if nothing else, I can respect that fact that he stands up for himself…even if it does make him an idiot.

…of course, I’m not going to get to miss that stuff if John McSame is voted into office. So please don’t do that, ‘kay America?

Got a New Laptop

My old laptop is still kind of functional. It just powers down on its own at random. Kind of annoying and at this point not worth fixing since it’s a few years old and technology has progressed since I got it. (It was a gift from my dad when I graduated from college, by the way. Thanks again, Dad.)

So…I went to Best Buy and bought a Sony Vaio in a neat textured white. It’s not top of the line or anything, but it’s got more bells and whistles than I’m used to. 3 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, Dual-layer DVD burner, four USB ports, firewire and some stuff I can’t identify and I’ll probably never use…and it’s made me change my opinion on something…

As some of you may know, I have a computer in my basement/studio/bandroom for recording purposes that came set up with Windows Vista. You also may know that I’ve been droning on and on about how much I hate Vista. Well, it turns out that either (a) I only hate FIRST GEN Vista, or (b) I hate that actual computer, but Vista is fine. Either way, Vista works great on my laptop and things run smoothly and quickly. So, I repent of my wrongdoing in speaking ill of Vista…but not of that particular computer.

That’s it for now…just bragging.

Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Aimee Mann and a little bit of Squeeze. They’re touring together and I’m going to the show in St. Louis on Tuesday. I’m a lot more excited about Aimee Mann than Squeeze. I basically like Squeeze (though I’m not a fan of the production on their albums), but I’m really a big Aimee Mann fan. So…that’s what’s going on Tuesday.