More Olympic Notes

In case you missed the earlier post, I’ve been keeping up with the Olympics. Been a lot of fun and I’ve been pretty happy with the winners (and losers) since I last posted about it. Shawn Johnson got herself a gold (finally!) that she’s been deserving–and we’re likely to see her again in 2012. (For those keeping track, she’ll be 20 then, and you’ll be able to stop feeling guilty for watching…you sickos.) The women’s US Volleyball duo (May/Walsh) got their gold in an awesome two-set win. …and I stayed up until like 3 a.m. last night watching Open Water Swimming in the Weird Olympics. Good week.

But I’ve got to say that the thing I’ve been enjoying the most is when Bela Karolyi graces us with his crazy, crazy crap. For those of you who don’t remember, Bela is a former coach of the US gymnasts. He was the guy shouting “You can do it!” to Kerri Strug when she won the medal by sticking a landing on one foot, with the other badly sprained. (Incidentally, she grew up to be pretty.) He is perhaps better known now for being the comic foil of Bob “Perfect Hair Forever” Costas, providing commentary in this year’s Olympics on NBC.

Costas has taken quite a few stabs at Bela. He keeps making fun of his ridiculous amount of energy that comes out when he’s watching a gymnastic performance, and keeps feeding him lines to set him off on some weird Olympic conspiracy theory or another–and Bela has PLENTY of them. The best part is, I don’t really think that Bela knows that Costas finds it funny. Clearly he’s having a laugh at the guy’s expense on national/global television, and he’s totally getting away with it! Personally, I’m hoping to see the following exchange on television, just after the closing ceremonies…


*Ceremonies end and the announcers from the floor of the event throw it to Costas back in the studio to wrap up the TV coverage. The sound goes quiet where normally Costas would begin speaking.*

*Brief cut to black.*

*Camera comes on revealing the studio set we’ve been seeing for the past two weeks. Off screen, we hear the following dialogue.*

BELA: “You make fun of Bela? I KEEL you Bobby!!”

COSTAS (running into frame): “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Bryant Gumbel paid me to do it!”

*Costas is chased off screen by Bella. Scuffling is heard.*

COSTAS (off screen): “Oh God! Shoot him! Shoot him in the head! …it just hurts so d*mn much!!!”

BELA (also off screen): “I make you scream like WOMAN!!!”

*Fade to black. Olympic theme plays over credits.*


I should say that I wish absolutely no harm to Bob “Perfect Hair Forever” Costas, and I support his right to live and make fun of crazy old dudes. Plus, my friend–and Blue Tattoo guitarist–Chris Teague has met Costas (I think more than once) and says he’s a really nice guy.

…but yeah…that’d totally make my Olympics.

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