Well THAT Ain’t Gonna Work!

I got a “personal message” from a guy on Facebook yesterday. I’ve never met him. I’ve never spoken to him online. I’ve never heard of the guy in any way shape or form, nor had he heard of me, until (I guess) he was randomly poking around Facebook. For those that don’t know, my Facebook avatar is that red, white, and blue portrait of Barack Obama with the word “HOPE” underneath it. The guy, I guess, saw my avatar and sent me the following message


Subject title: you sicken me

Message: obama is the antichrist


…and that’s supposed to accomplish what? Make me vote for McCain?

Let’s ignore the fact that he completely ignored the basic concepts of punctuation, capitalization, and sentence-structure, and just deal with his profile page.

Among the “networks” of which he is a part, he lists lists his college, and also a network called “Lubbock Christian.” He also lists “Independent Fundamental Baptist” as his “Religious Views.” He goes on to say, “I own and operate the number ONE contracting company in (name of township removed to avoid giving him any accidental promotion)!” in his “Description” section. Upon Googling it, I could not find his company on the Internet. Apparently, “number ONE” [sic] isn’t good enough to have your own website.

What fascinates me is that this guy doesn’t know me from Adam, professes to be a Christian, is college-educated, and at least in his own mind is a successful businessman…and based on my AVATAR on Facebook, is filled with enough hatred to tell me I “sicken” him and name another man he’s never met as “the antichrist.” Nice informed, Christian values there, buddy.

I know I sometimes write some really vehement, at times VULGAR things about the man currently sitting behind the desk in the White House. I’ve also certainly made it more than clear that I will not be voting for McCain. However, when I do that kind of thing, I am not personally writing to people I don’t know in things addressed only to them, and I’m certainly not claiming to do it in the name of Christ. I’m basically just writing on my blog, for my enjoyment…and if anyone wants to have a CIVILIZED discourse, I’ll be more than glad to do that (“civilized” meaning listening and offering well-thought-out points of view). I guess this guy just wanted to get under my skin…and I guess he did, but not for the reasons he meant to…he just made me think I’m all the righter to vote for Obama if the opposition is so mind-numbingly stupid.

So…since this is probably as close to his 15-minutes as the guy’s ever going get, I figured the least I could do was give it to him. Hope it feels great to be on a Z-list, non-celebrity’s blog. You’ve hit the big-time now!


Also, I’ve been watching the Olympics, and I’ll post about that tomorrow.