Big List that Just Keeps Getting Bigger…

I don’t have enough to report to justify a full post about any of it…so here’s a list of my guitars, basses, and so on…

  1. Parkwood 360M
  2. Martin D-15 Custom (with a Fishman pickup I installed myself)
  3. Martin DCX-1E
  4. Gibson from about 1930
  5. Schecter RAF Spitfire
  6. American-made Fender Strat
  7. Gretsch 5120
  8. Hondo II (Les Paul knock-off)
  9. Silvertone from about 1950
  10. Vantage (Les Paul knock-off)
  11. Applause (by KAMAN, not by Ovation)
  12. Ovation Celebrity
  13. Takamine G-Series 12 string
  14. Galveston 12 string bass
  15. Ibanez Soundgear SR400 bass
  16. Ibanez EX Series bass
  17. Yamaha fretless bass (with fret lines)
  18. Ibanez Artcore bass
  19. Songbird Hammered Dulcimer
  20. Starsun Mandolin
  21. Paramount banjo
  22. Got a Casio Privia keyboard…I’m sure there are some numbers after that…
  23. 1972 Alvarez
  24. Artisan Lap Steel
  25. Squire Acoustic (which I didn’t buy, but has been in my house for like three years…so…)
  26. A Pacific drum kit (which I bought)
  27. A Tama drum kit (which I didn’t)
  28. I also have two Harmony guitars from the 1980s in desperate need of repair. They’re basically just sitting in the basement, but they were the first guitars my brother and I ever owned, so I’m keeping them, and COUNTING them.
  29. …there’s also a trumpet for some reason, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t play it right now if you paid me.
  30. …and I’ve got a bunch of harmonicas, tin whistles, and misc instruments that I think are cool, but I have some reservations about listing on my resume. 🙂

…y’know…just in case you’re keeping count.

I feel like I forgot one, though…I know I’m not listing the assorted amps, speakers, effects, and whatnot that I’m accumulated over the years…but it seems like there’s a guitar missing from that list…

Current Listening:

  • Old 97s: “Drag it Up”

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