(9/8/08) Decided to edit this post slightly… This is now a post in defense of wearing my cowboy hat, based on evidence that cowboy hats do not always equal “country band.”

I begin with my strongest piece of evidence. We’ll call it “Exhibit Lemmy.”

Lemmy Kilmister from legendary Brit-metal band Motorhead has been wearing that hat since…well, I had trouble finding a time when he didn’t. I dare ANYONE to question his image and live. I could stop here. The rest of this list seems pretty arbitrary next to Lemmy…


Cliff Burton, of Metallica, was one of the meanest, most thrashing, headache-inspiring bassists of all time. It was his low-end that made so many of Metallica’s songs what they were. He kicked a lot of ass, and he often did it in that hat. I’d imagine they had to pry it out of his cold, dead hands after lifting the bus off of him.

Ted Nugent, though absolutely insane, has worn that (or a similar) hat on and off stage for decades. True, with him it’s more of a “bow-hunter” thing. But, listen to “Cat Scratch Fever” or “Stranglehold” and tell me they’re country songs.

Billy Sheehan is a great bass-player, and he’s probably best known for his work with wuss-rock mainstay Mr. Big (though he also worked with David Lee Roth and Steve Vai). I was actually kind of surprised at how long it took me to find a picture of him with that hat on. There were a few years there where he wore it in pretty much EVERY photo…but that might have been because he wasn’t happy about his hairline, and he’s grown as a person since then…but nonetheless… His band may have been wussy, but they weren’t country.

Robin Zander, of wuss-rock pioneers Cheap Trick has been wearing a cowboy hat for a few years (when he’s not wearing a weird, fur-covered number that’s genuinely horrible and confusing). As much as they may be remembered for “The Flame” (pretty much bringing adult contemporary to hard-rock radio for some reason) this is also the band that wrote songs like “He’s a Whore,” “Surrender,” “Gonna Raise Hell,” etc…definitely a primarily rock act…and I’m pretty sure Alan Jackson won’t be touring with them as a support act any time soon.

The world’s biggest rockstar, Bono, has been wearing cowboy hats on and off since roughly when “Where the Streets Have No Name” was all over the airwaves. No one has ever accused U-2 of being a country act. But, I guess this one isn’t fair, since Bono has more money than God…when you’re that rich, you can wear what you want.

From the Supersuckers (one of the grittiest, ugliest punk bands going today) we have Eddie Spaghetti. In fairness, Eddie’s been doing a solo project where he does a bunch of country standards…but he looks like that on stage with the Supersuckers, too…hmm…a lot like a certain guy who performs with his band Blue Tattoo, which definitely has a Southern flavor to it, who wears his cowboy hat when he’s not on stage with them…

…not too bad of company to be in, I think…

3 thoughts on “Hattery…”

  1. Actually, I think that kind of helped make Mike’s point…whose side are you on?!? 😉

    …but I did realize that I should’ve listed the guys in Pantera…

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