Small Web Note

Just a quick note about, which I think will be posted on the main page of the site later today…

Some of you may be aware that I received a report that some links looked weird in Firefox last week. I’m checking into it… So far I’ve only heard that from the one person (thanks again, Jim), and I’ve been checking it out on a number of machines, but haven’t noticed the same error…but the fact that it happened at all worries me, so I’ve contacted the software-people to see if there’s anything I can do to prevent the anomaly.

All that is to say that the stuff that was noted to be “coming the week of June 30!” obviously didn’t go live (mostly because it’s pretty link-heavy, and I don’t want it ALL to look like crap). It should go up THIS week, as I’m expecting whatever problem may or may not be there to be easily corrected, if it even needs to be in the first place…

I’ll tell you what’s going up, though… I’ll be posting the following:

  • Full, record-length commentaries of me listening to my two existing CDs and talking over the music (like a DVD commentary, but with a CD instead).
  • A bunch of audio-downloads of re-dos from the “Grounds” and “Things I Meant to Say” records. These are NOT the album versions, but are instead complete re-imaginings of the songs. Some have completely new melodies. Some just have different vibes to them. I’m even playing piano on a couple of songs! (Think of them as alternate versions, but y’know…free.) I’ll be posting re-workings of “Fall Apart,” “Stranger,” “Battle Cry,” “A Song for Friendship,” “One Man,” “Scars,” “Hands,” “Being There,” …and I’m determining if I want to throw in anything else. That’s eight tunes, and I’m thinking a nice even 10 might be nice, especially since I’m making you wait for it. Might even throw in something new as kind of a preview of the new record, I’m not sure.
  • HOPING to have things fully worked out for the “guitar gallery.” There are some pics that just aren’t looking good when they upload for whatever reason…and of course, they’re my favorite guitars…
  • Should have full record write-ups.
  • A few “Easter Eggs” that you can have fun trying to spot.

So, yeah…that’ll be THIS week… Sorry for the mild delay. I know you’ve all been scheduling your lives around it. Sorry to all those who DIDN’T go out of town over the holiday weekend because they were just sitting in front of their computers hitting “refresh” every hour to make sure they hadn’t missed it.

I’m amazingly delusional.

Current Listening:

  • Still on “Dual Hawks” by Centromatic/South San Gabriel. It’s kind of layered, and you’ve really got to dig into it.
  • Grooving on some Bruce Springsteen, too. He’s coming to STL in August, and I’ve got tickets. First time I’ll be seeing the Boss! 🙂

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