A Few Options…

So here are a few pictures of my band that may or may not turn into promo-shots. Did four, just slapped together. These are in no way representative of the finished product(s), but I think they’re kind of cool.

3 thoughts on “A Few Options…”

  1. I like the first one. The stones make it look sweet.

    Dave also is reminiscent of The Virgin Mary sitting in the Manger…despite the facial hair.

  2. They look pretty cool but I like the one of all of you sitting on the steps… But you are to close to the bottom and are missing out a little of the picture. But nikomas is right the stones in the first are pretty awesome…

  3. I like the first two the best, personally. There’s a second batch from different angles that are supposed to be coming my way this week (we had two photographers). Hoping to get some better stair-shots, because I really liked that concept, but yeah, most of the shots I currently have are missing parts of either me or the drummer. We’re probably going to do multiple pictures for distribution. If nothing else, we’ll just put a bunch on our website soon.

    Thanks for the comments!

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