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As those who were waiting patiently for my website to re-emerge for MONTHS know, I’ve been a bad, bad Internet personality. Okay, we all know I’m no Star Wars Kid or Turtle Man to begin with…and I’m certainly no JenniCam, though I’d like to think just as many of you would like to watch ME shower as watched her, since we do have roughly the same body-shape. Nevertheless, I’ve ignored my web-community for a while.

…but the site is alive again, and it’s better than it was…and it’ll be BUZZING next week.

I’ve been hard at work getting some stuff ready for web-release on (or about) June 30 (Monday). I’ve been recording and mixing some web-specific audio for ya’. I’ve got full commentary tracks coming your way, which are full downloads of my two current records with me talking over them, like a DVD. I’m not sure if anyone else has done that…and if they have, I’m not sure what type of person would listen to it…but if Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Frank Black, or Willie Nelson did it, I’d certainly download it. So, that’s something.

Along with that stuff, I’m pouring over my music-archives to see if there are any music-downloads that are of interest…and I’m recording some new ones. I think you’re going to dig the first download of the music. I hope to put some really weird/interesting stuff on there soon. Only catch is that some of it requires approval of others who also played on it…so, we’ll see what happens.

I’m also midway through the photo-taking process for the “Guitar Gallery” for the “Pictures” section. Hope to have that running next week–though that may take some photoshoppery and whatnot, so it might not be right on the 30th. I’m not sure if that’ll be interesting to anyone who’s not a musician…but I hope so. I tell some stories about the guitars, too, that are kind of cool. Each guitar I own has a story attached, and I kind of think of them in the same way that some people think of the paintings they hang in their houses. Each one is its own piece and has its own story…so I hope people will check that out when it hits the net.

I’ve got an open-door policy about my web-life. I don’t censor myself too much–which has occasionally gotten me into trouble. In turn, I also don’t want to limit the people who visit my page. If anyone has any suggestions for the site or stuff that they think would be cool, I’ll be more than glad to steal your ideas. Just post a comment on the blog.

…as a side note, you may notice a few new links to the right…check those out. I’ve particularly been enjoying Marc’s “Sweet Thursday” blog lately.

Anyway…just thought I’d throw that out there. I’m a fan of whoring my stuff. 🙂

Completely unrelated to all that, I’m on the last disc of the George Carlin box-set right now. I’ve been watching his stuff since hearing about his death. It’s been a fun journey and I’ve been laughing a lot. Really a shame about that guy. Every time I see George, it reminds me that life is short, so you may as well let people know what you think. That’s a lesson I wish more people would learn, and that I’ve been trying to take to heart, especially over the past year or so. Honesty’s all we have…who cares if it offends somebody? You only live once…may as well use the words you want to use and say the things you wanted to say. Makes me proud of my musical career, especially as I’ve been living it out in the past couple of years. And maybe that’s why my website’s finally alive and kicking again.

Ehh…not much of a post, but at least it’s here. So…there you go…

Gonna finish up this DVD and then–uhh–I don’t know what!

Current Listening:
…well, right NOW, Carlin…but in the car is Hayes Carll’s “Trouble in Mind.”

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