One more Carlin post–and it’s from Kevin Smith

As many of you know, George Carlin (I’d like to think of him as St. Carlin, now) appeared in several movies directed by Kevin Smith. There are those who think that Kev did for movies in the 90s what Carlin did for comedy in the 70s. I’m not 100% on that, but the influence of Carlin on Smith’s work is apparent. Smith cast Carlin in a few of his movies–even giving him the rare chance of playing a dramatic role in the oft-unappreciated “Jersey Girl.”

On the View Askew message board, Kevin had this to say about George, and it’s one of the most touching tributes I’ve seen so far–and on a side note, I’d just like to chastise those who’re quoting Jack Burns who barely even SPOKE to Carlin after the comedy team’s break up. I’d also like to say that Dane Cook sucks, because people have been hailing him as the “next” Carlin…but the guy just sucks. Screw Dane Cook and everybody who looks like Dane Cook!


From Kev:

My favorite memory of Carlin is sitting in the audience at one of his Vegas shows as he did his ‘People I Can Do Without’ routine. When he got to ‘Guys over the age of ten who wear their baseball hats backwards’ he tossed in ‘Kevin, you’re exempt from this.’

My introduction to George’s brilliance was ‘Carlin at Carnegie’ in the early days of HBO. Changed my sense of humor forever. Sixteen years later, I was happy to have met the man, let alone worked with him. Honestly, I was lucky to have known him at all.”

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