George Cariln Went Away

It came over the wire just a little bit ago. George Carlin died from heart failure. I saw George perform a few years ago. Good show, and I’ll miss him.
I don’t have much to say about it, because when such a funny man dies, it seems like a little bit of laughter dies with him…but I did want to post a couple of pictures of George, and post a quote of his that I think is particularly poignant. I also purposely titled my post with the term “went away,” because years ago in a TV special, Carlin said that was the only metaphor they allowed in their house for death. You either say the person’s DEAD, or that they went away. It would be tasteless to say anything else about the man himself. 🙂
(Quote is after the pictures, and contains uncensored profanity, FYI.)

Words to live by:
Rat shit, Bat shit,
Dirty old twat
69 assholes tied in a knot.
Lizard shit!

Rest in peace, you grumpy old bastard. 🙂

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