www.DerekBrink.com is GO!!!

The long wait has ended…my website lives again! I assure you. It’s true.

There is still some stuff that needs doin‘, but it’s certainly operational. A bunch of stuff is slated to be added during the week of June 30th and I’m excited about the new features I’ll be able to offer, especially the “downloads” page, which will be rockin‘ in a BIG way very soon.

Click on over and tell me what you think. If you notice anything not working right, please shoot an e-mail to the admin via the link in the left margins.

Thanks for being so patient!


Current Listening: A buttload of Frank Black/Black Francis/Pixies.

4 thoughts on “www.DerekBrink.com is GO!!!”

  1. *Applause*

    Yeah, that took long enough. 😉 My initial reaction: Great! Although I do see a few things that are out of whack when using Firefox, my main Internet vehicle of choice. For instance the navigation links on the left are all overlapped. I can send you some screenshots if you like.

    But I’m just really glad to see your web site up and running. It’s awesome!

    “Out of whack” is a professional term. Note that it is not possible to be “in whack”, but instead “full whack” or “half-whack”.

  2. That’s odd…looks fine in my browser, and I’m also using FireFox… Please do send along those screen-shots. I guess just to the admin address, linked on the site. Not sure what’s going on there…I’ve looked at it on a number of screens/platforms, and I haven’t run into that yet.

  3. Hmm… Might just be me. I’ll investigate and send those screen shots too. Thanks… and again, good job!

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