TRUTH, as I see it…

As I said in my last post, I only blog the truth…so here it is:

  1. Biscuits and gravy = awesome.
  2. Anything covered in Ranch = awesome.
  3. The good guys in a movie never have the coolest looking uniforms.
  4. No one cares how fast trains A or B are going, or when they’ll meet.
  5. Smoking makes you look cool.
  6. Coffee is necessary for functionality at work.
  7. Work sucks, even if you love your job.
  8. Jesus was probably not as tall as you think He was.
  9. Muppets = awesome.
  10. It sucks that there’s like 7 months until “Lost” starts airing season five.
  11. My check was neither economic nor stimulating.
  12. I’ve had this pain on and off in my upper left arm/shoulder for like two weeks.
  13. You can’t make me date someone just because you think she’d be good for me.
  14. You can’t stop me from dating someone who is definitely bad for me.
  15. I have no dates planned.
  16. I’m writing this instead of working.
  17. When I have finished writing this, I am likely to go to lunch.
  18. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves for the good of the nation, not because he personally wanted to.
  19. Des Moines is in Iowa.
  20. Alanis Morissette has a new record out, and I haven’t bought it yet, although I’ve meant to.
  21. Coffeemakers never contain the number of “cups” they are advertised to contain. Like I made 10 today, and I’ve only had TWO, but it says there are 6 left. That’s crap math.
  22. Jodie Sweetin, from “Full House” was addicted to meth, but just had a baby and now says she is clean. I just found that out in the supermarket this weekend. That was a lot of information to process in one headline, and I found it interesting because I was just wondering what happened to her the other day.
  23. “Full House” wasn’t great, but it was watchable.
  24. I need a haircut.
  25. I’m very, very tired.
  26. Right now, this is the only thing keeping me awake.
  27. Dogs are good company for the elderly.
  28. Cats are good company for single dudes who work a lot.
  29. Plants don’t really do a good job of keeping you company…unless you affix googly eyes to them.
  30. I’m planning on taking some vacation days next week, as long as it’s cool with everyone around the office.
  31. Summers are kind of dead in the Library, and allow for little diversions like this.
  32. A lot of people hope it doesn’t rain, but I like rain. Don’t care for tornadoes, though…the Midwest has had enough of those.
  33. An anagram for Alec Guinness = Genuine Class.
  34. Donuts = awesome.

…and that, dear reader, is the TRUTH!!!

2 thoughts on “TRUTH, as I see it…”

  1. Okay, I think I’m following the math, but I’m having a problem.

    Biscuits and gravy = awesome.
    Anything covered in Ranch = awesome.
    Muppets = awesome.
    Donuts = awesome.
    Biscuits and gravy = Anything covered in Ranch = Muppets = Donuts

    The other math problem makes a lot more sense: 10 cups of coffee minus 2 mugs of coffee equals 6 cups of coffee; assuming you have properly carried the two over the floating point integer.

    Man, I am such a nerd. Have a good day!

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