More Anti-Bush Hogwash…Sorry!

I’ve done this before, and people ignore it…but I’ll try again…big bold letters this time, with lots of extra space to process the information…




…there…gave you plenty of time to click away…also, fair warning, this is long, and I ramble. Also, I apologize for some of the more colourful language I’m going to use. I’m sorry, but I feel it’s justified in the context of this post.


To begin with, I saw Willie Nelson tonight–which was awesome. He did a new song that’s a war protest song entitled, “A Peaceful Solution.” There’s a website devoted to it via the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute ( There’s a great line in it:

“And when the war is over and we’ve won it
let’s remember how we done it
so we don’t have to do it again.”

I’d suggest going to the site and reading the “story” link, then listening to the song…

Hearing that song tonight reminded me to comment on something that I’ve been shockingly remiss in not mentioning sooner…Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for the Chief Executive Office in 2008.

I can’t tell you how proud I am to live in a version of America where a person of colour has a very real shot (and a likelihood) at being the next President. Within my father’s lifetime, he will have gone from seeing blacks relegated to their own drinking fountains to a man of colour perhaps being the leader of the free world. (I had to ask him about that, because I wasn’t sure…and I only blog the TRUTH.) That’s pretty incredible. Of course, it’s sullied by the fact that if/when he beats the geriatric running for the opposition, he’ll probably have to be the most heavily PROTECTED President in American history–especially in the deep South, and in Iowa and Indiana, which are still major headquarters of the KKK…but nonetheless…

I’m glad I’m going to be voting a black man into office (and I’m aware of the schism of whether or not he should be called “black,” but I stand by the notion that everyone else in the world will call him that, so America should, too). I’m assuming he’s going to win. America’s fed up with the failures of the current administration. I don’t think they want to chance it with the return of the same guard that’s been putting the “tit” in the Constitution for the past eight years. (I don’t know what I mean by that, either. Don’t ask.)

People keep asking those of us who support Mr. Obama what he “stands for” and what his “record” shows. Those are ridiculous questions. He’s a Democrat. He stands for things that Democrats stand for and his record shows that he believes in those things. Okay, he’s been lumped in with some unfortunate bedfellows–at least most of whom he’s had the guts to say he doesn’t 100% support and has FURTHER had the guts not to completely trash in the media, proving that loyalty is more important to him that his reputation. Personally, I don’t care who his friends are. I care who his friends AREN’T…and as long as his friends don’t have names like “George,” “Dick,” or “Condoleezza” I’m as happy as a bear in a Pope hat. …or…a pig in the forest… …or…I forget how that goes. (By the way, I was trying to find a way to make an Ann Coulter joke there…but it’s just easier to say she’s a terrible person who looks like a horse.)

People bring up the lack of an American flag pin and the not putting his hand on his heart at the fish-fry a lot…and I say, “Sorry…don’t care.” It really doesn’t matter to me. I like that he doesn’t seem to look like the current breed of geezers that we have been trotting out onto the platforms and calling “leaders” for the past administration. I’m glad he’s basically a normal person. (And, by the way, that story of him being “sworn in” on a copy of the Qu’ran is just a lie. He was sworn in on a Bible, just like Curious George was.) It’s shocking to me the way that people will look to discredit the guy. Now…if he had entered into a war based on lies, hid the record of a rapist, had a substance dependency, rigged an election, skipped out on his military service, or (in violation of international law) hid prisoners from the Red Cross so the organization couldn’t monitor their treatment. Sure, I could understand going over stuff like THAT with a magnifying glass…but, really…who could get away with that kind of thing?

Look…even if he doesn’t always wear an American Flag pin, or always put his hand over his heart during the national anthem (which you probably don’t, either)…and even if he has been connected to some shady characters (and, by the way, I bet you’ve got a bad friend or two…I personally know several drug-doers, a convicted sex-offender, three guys who’ve done SERIOUS time in prison, and my brother used to be a telemarketer)…and even if his record in the Senate doesn’t shine of progressive voting and taking major stands in the face of adversity (how many of you have been silent when your barber says they just can’t stand going to church or when your boss says they just don’t trust people of a certain skin-colour? …or how many of you just haven’t voted in a national election?)… Even if ALL of that is true (and a lot of it is).

…at least the guy SEEMS like a leader. He’s smart–and he’s proven it. He’s eloquent. He’s clean cut. He’s inspiring. And that’s enough to get me to vote for him. (This is, of course, alongside the fact that I agree with him on every issue, except that I consider myself basically opposed to abortion in most circumstances. Ahem, MOST circumstances.)

The hallmark of good leadership isn’t in having all of the answers or always having the right idea. It’s also not in sticktoitiveness (a fake-word I’ve actually heard George of the Jungle use). The hallmark of good leadership isn’t even in surrounding yourself with people whose strengths bolster your weaknesses (though that is a good idea that Gorgeous George should have tried). The hallmark of good leadership is being a leader who inspires those in your command. Obama’s record may not be impressive. He may not have every answer to every issue clearly mapped out. He may not have concrete plans for withdrawal from the war that WE HAVE LOST. (And before anyone gets all high-and-mighty about it, I DO support the troops. I have a couple of friends over there, and one who got sent home and STILL hasn’t regained use of his left leg–and there’s not a God-damned thing that justifies that “sacrifice”–as the Madness of King George referred to it. So don’t give me that “You should support the troops” bullshit. I do support them. I want them to stop being hurt and killed by this stupid, stupid, Godless war.) Obama may not, on paper, look like he belongs in Washington (and I’m not sure why people think that’s a bad thing…I’d take it as a compliment, if I were him). What he does have, though, is that he has the ability to make people feel like they’re empowered.

America only works if Americans believe in it. That stretches to the highest office. Obama has proven that he can motivate people. Who–I ask you–would have thought even LAST YEAR that a black man might be the next President? I went on record as saying I didn’t think America was ready to accept him as a candidate. I was dead wrong, and I’m proud to say that. Obama has gotten people all across America to believe in him and to believe in (and I know it sounds cheesy) hope. Hope and change are BIG parts of his campaign slogans…and we’re willing to believe in it for some reason. Maybe it’s his natural charisma. Maybe it’s that we’re sick of the America George Borewell (that’s a good one) has sold us for the past few years. Maybe it’s even a little bit of white-guilt coming out, I don’t know…

All I know is that I’ve been a man without a country for the past eight years. For the first time in a LONG time, someone’s said it and I believe it:


2 thoughts on “More Anti-Bush Hogwash…Sorry!”

  1. Derek, I can be open-minded and understanding about a lot of things. But this is the last straw and I’m not sure we can be friends any more for one reason: YOUR BROTHER WAS ONCE A TELEMARKETER!!! *GASP*

    🙂 Seriously, very good post! Despite the post title, the main subject of this post was not so much “anti-bush” but more “pro-obama”. Just an observation.

  2. It took the family YEARS before we even invited him to Thanksgiving again…it’s a long road to recovery… 🙂

    The post title…I just get a lot of people who would miss all of the stuff I said about Obama and focus in on the leftist rhetoric I tend to spout. I figure it’s best to just warn people, at this point, and if they read on, it’s their own fault, lol.

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