Fell Asleep There, Didn’t I?

I haven’t posted since my birthday! Thanks to Marc for posting on my blog, which made me remember that it exists. 🙂

It’s kind of a busy time right now. I’m like three days in to being the manager at my job. It’s a lot of work. None of it has to do with my actual JOB, though…mostly, I’ve spent the last few days trying to get my office and computer in order. Believe it or not, that can really wear you out.

I’m also still working on the house, but I keep starting and stopping. Like on Sunday, I finally got around to slapping some touch-up and finishing paint on the walls…but just as I was painting my windowsill a deep, black-coffee-brown, I realized it was 6:00 and I was supposed to have dinner with my dad. So I had to leave, and the windowsill’s still only HALF done. Just haven’t gotten back to it.

I’ve also been taking things like that slowly–VERY slowly. I’ve been having some back-problems lately, and I don’t want to risk being as miserable as I’ve been in the not-too-distant past with another major muscle-strain. So if I know painting my windowsill, for example, should only take about 30 minutes to an hour, I allow at least TWO hours for it. Never mind tearing up the carpeting a few weeks ago! I need to keep doing SOMETHING, because not exercising a sore muscle is worse than exercising it…but it’s still an irritant.

Plus, the band’s kind of getting serious. Blue Tattoo has a FIFTH member now. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet… His name’s Sean Russell, and he’s the dude who recorded our demo with us. We brought him in to do some keyboard parts, and now it’s starting to look like he’s going to be playing some guitar, too. I’m excited about that. We’ve also decided that we’re going to do a proper press-kit, which includes bio-writing, picture-taking, and re-launching of the BT website…and while I’m at that I’m finally going to–come Hell or high-water (or is that “hill?”)–get my personal, much-fabled website up and running.

Stack on top of that the upcoming Summer Concert Season, and I’m pretty thinly stretched!

Of course, I’m still playing with the Feldman Band. We’re taking June off, though. Mike’s going to be in Jamaica for a couple of weeks…and Kenny and I, though we have a great rapport, would be pretty boring to watch on our own. Or would we? That might be more interesting than I’d considered…

Random note: Apparently, Sean (the new guy in Blue Tattoo) sees me as something of the band-leader (though the task is shared between me and Dave, in reality). He reportedly, though I didn’t hear it, recently said, “You guys should be called Derek and the…somebodies…” Now…I know I’m the “Derek” in that, so I may be a bit biased…but is “Derek and the Somebodies” a great band-name or WHAT? I don’t really want to be that, but it’s pretty good. I may start calling my solo act that. Derek and the Somebodies. It’s got a ring…and it’s a nice “Dominoes” parody, to boot.

So anyway…things have been busy, and that kind of explains the lack of bloggery. I’ll try to be better. However, in the mean time, I suggest checking out Jorge Garcia’s blog–he’s the guy who plays Hurley on “Lost.” It’s a pretty entertaining read. He doesn’t give away too many secrets of the show or anything. Most he does is say, “Remember that one scene? The ocean was a camera-trick.” and he posts some on-set pictures sometimes…but mostly it’s just about what the dude does in his free time, and he showcases his dog a lot. Much more fun to read than my drivel…and he even has pictures! I can’t be bothered with that! Anyway…he’s at http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com. Worth a look.

Gotta go…I’m–uhh…tired of writing, to be honest with you. 🙂

Current Listening:

  • Old 97s: “Blame it on Gravity”
  • Aimee Mann: “@#%&*! Smilers