Where’s that (Metaphorical) Box of Matches?

Those of you who know me know that I don’t mind burning bridges. That being said…

Notice to St. Louis area musicians:

“Pirate’s Cove” in Florissant maintains poor business practices. Among their offenses:

  1. They make bands pay for their drinks–full price (though this can be acceptable in some settings, read on for why this got under my skin).
  2. Their drinks are at least $1.00 more than they would be at any other establishment.
  3. They have no “built in” audience and depend on the bands to bring in their friends…
  4. Worst of all, if they didn’t make “enough” money for the evening, they will not give the band the full amount they agreed (in advance) to pay. That’s right. They’ll actually TAKE MONEY out of YOUR pocket–never mind that you gave up your Saturday, broke your back moving in gear, played to loud, rude drunks for four hours, and spent money on gas in this economy…but they’ll be sure to get their $15 out of YOU for the three drinks you had, then also not pay you what they agreed. Class. Genuine class. I almost started stealing things, just to make up the difference…but frankly, I couldn’t find anything in there WORTH $15.

So…don’t play there, or patronize their “establishment.” Okay? Any of the first three, even ALL of the first three would be acceptable, but irritating. The fourth, as far as I’m concerned, is breech of contract. Bands beware. Pirate’s Cove WILL cheat you. They didn’t even apologize to us after screwing us tonight. They offered a bunch of excuses…but there was nothing even RESEMBLING, “Man, I’m sorry…is there any way we can mail you a check?” That would have at least been polite–and honestly, I’d have even said, “No problem, just give us what you can and forget the rest.” But no. No apology, just bulls**t.

Plus…their name is stupid.

2 thoughts on “Where’s that (Metaphorical) Box of Matches?”

  1. Yeah, I heard about that. I’d forgotten that Primus opened for them that year–would’ve been circa “Pork Soda” right? I seem to recall neither of us liking them much, but that Les Claypool was wearing a really cool shirt that he commented on. Flashforward a few years, and I dug Primus, and started buying really ridiculous shirts. Just goes to show you…

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