Indiana Brink and the Temple of Awesome!

Okay…crappy post-title, I admit…

Nonetheless… Just so you know, I’ll be heading to Indiana during Memorial Day Weekend. (At least on that Sunday.) There’s a two-fold reason for that. (1) I get to see some old friends. (2) I get to play a few songs.

My friend John Puckett e-mailed me and told me that his church is hosting an evening that needs some entertainment, and he thought of me. I checked my calendar, and whereas I would LOVE to go up on Saturday and spend the whole weekend, I’ve got a gig with Mike Feldman that night that I really can’t get out of (and it’ll pay decently, too). But, it works out that I can go on Sunday, so I’m going to.

I’m excited about playing some of my solo material. I haven’t done a me-gig in a while. It’ll feel good to brush the dust off of some of those songs…but that’s not really why I’m going.

I’ve known various members of the Puckett family since like sixth-grade. These are important people in my life, who I’ve not gotten to see very much of in recent years, due mostly to me living in St. Louis, and most of them living in Indiana. Sure, we’ll send e-mails back and forth now and again, but we’ve not really gotten to sit down over a cup of coffee in a long, long while. And this cup of coffee will mean a little extra, considering John’s recent health issues.

My long-time readers (if any) may recall that I mentioned John’s struggle with cancer a while ago. Has it been a year? Seems like I was still working at Ferguson when it all started…wow…it has been that long…I remember not mentioning my departure to him because the crap going on at the church seemed so small in comparison to cancer…wow… Anyway, John’s got a clean bill of health (or as close as you get, when it comes to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) and from what I hear, he’s doing pretty well. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Even if the gig sucks (which I’m sure it won’t), a year ago I was worried that John and I may never share a meal again (we used to have lunch weekly). This year is different. That’s a good feeling.

I’m sure I’ll see the other Indiana-resident members of the Tribe Puckett as well. I’m excited about that, too. I’ve known Shara Lyn for about SIXTEEN years. Our friendship is old enough to drive a car! …I’m just now realizing the impact of that. Yikes. I’m hurtling toward 30. Note to self: Get life together…

Moving on…

No idea how long the gig will be…but I’m hoping to try out some new material, if I can find anything cheery enough to play in a church. That’s getting harder to do, as my writing changes. I even TRIED writing a positive song for Blue Tattoo recently (tentatively titled “Fightin‘ Drunk”). It didn’t work out so well–I mean, I landed on “Fightin‘ Drunk” as a title… I really like the song, and I think it’s one of the best lyrics I’ve written in a long time…but it kind of missed “happy.” It sort of ended up, “Happy…but, yeah, of course I’ve thought about suicide.” (For the record, I’ve never had a toaster in the bathtub with me or anything like that…well…okay, I did once…but that was just because I like a little toast with my baths.) There may be a thing or two off of disc TWO of the new record (when’s that release date, again?) that I can do…but not much off of disc one. Hmm…maybe I should stick to the old-standards.

Fortunately, I’ve got about a month to figure this out! 🙂

Anyway…I’m babbling. Mostly, I’m just tired and fueled up on coffee…and I’m bored and avoiding real work. Dangerous combination when you add in blogging…

So, I’m going to stop.

Sorry about making you read that…but at least I didn’t say anything bad about Herr Bush this time.

…ah crap!

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