Tax Rebates??? Really???

FAIR WARNING: Those who don’t like it when I Bush-bash should close the window right now.

There. Gave you all the chance you should have needed…

So, I hear that the tax”rebates” are supposed to go out soon. Apparently, this is somehow supposed to fix the faltering economy. Uhh… Yeah.

Everyone I’ve polled (and I haven’t exactly done it scientifically, but I’ve asked a decent amount of people) is going to do EXACTLY what Georgie-porgie doesn’t want us to do. They’re either putting it in the bank and leaving it, or (more commonly) they’re paying down some of their credit card and/or college debts. Now…I’m all for doing the opposite of what Bush wants us to do…but this time it could actually hurt us a little.

Let’s look at the logic here… The nation is in a MAJOR recession, perhaps heading toward a second Depression era. We’re fighting a war on at least two fronts, and there are on and off rumblings of stretching that to three–which, by the way, is what ended up toppling Hitler’s regime. Real-estate is in the worst shape it’s been in…uhh…like almost-ever. So are gas prices. (Seriously…G-dawg could EASILY use his connections to help us out on that one…yet he doesn’t. One begins to wonder why.) The national debt (which was absolutely ELIMINATED under the previous administration–cough…) is so astronomical that it will probably never disappear again in my lifetime (and I’m only 27). What’s the solution?

Let’s give at least $300 to every tax paying American…more if they’re in Bush’s same tax-bracket.


Let’s do some quick math. If there were only 1 million people who pay taxes in America, that’d be $300 million dollars. Unfortunately, the overall population of the US (keep in mind, not all of these pay taxes) is 303,953,824 as of this month’s estimates. That’s a huge number being added to our national debt. Even if people DO spend it as “found money” like Bush wants us to (which, by the way, is specifically why I’m putting it in the bank and watching it rot) it’s unlikely that the overall economy will see much of a rise from it. If there’s ANY upswing, it’s going to be VERY small. Like putting a band-aid on a bomb-hole from a plane that dropped a bunker-buster on a nation that was trying to defend itself by throwing rocks.

I suggest the following alternatives for the spending of that money… I would gladly give my check to ANY of these options…

  1. Pay it toward the national debt.
  2. Give the troops (who’re being kept there longer than they should be, even if it were a just war) the supplies they need.
  3. Spend the money on developing a plan for withdrawal from the war (which we’ve officially lost–sorry, but we have).
  4. Spend the money on–I don’t know–finding Osama Bin Laden, who actually DID something to our country and deserves to have us find him.
  5. Dedicate the money to finding alternative fuel sources.
  6. Two words: BIG sandwich.
  7. Start paying for trials for the people imprisoned under “suspicion”of being terrorists.
  8. Cancer research.
  9. AIDS research.
  10. Autism research.
  11. Diabetes research.
  12. Migraine research…you get the point…
  13. Rebuilding New Orleans. (Yeah…whatever happened to that?)
  14. Poverty-relief.
  15. Starvation-relief.
  16. Shoot…send it to Comic Relief for all I care!
  17. Maybe take some of that and put it toward giving America the same free health-care we gave to Iraq? Hmm? (Am I still the ONLY one pissed off by that???)
  18. I’d even be glad to give back my check if it just went to giving everyone in Washington a nice haircut–I’m looking at YOU Ted Kennedy (that was for those who think I never say anything bad about the Liberals).

Just a few suggestions, there… Thought I’d share. Keep in mind that I’m not claiming to have any answers…but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a bad idea when I hear it. Crap is crap…even if you don’t have good-chocolate to offer in return.