Stuff I Haven’t Told You Yet…

Realized there’s some stuff I’ve shockingly NOT put on my blog yet…so here you go.. Fair warning, this is going to reduce into random crap before I’m done, I’m sure…I’m writing this while on break from work and I don’t have much time for editing.

1. My band finished our EP, tentatively titled “Blue Tattoo: Logan County EP.” It sounds really good. It was engineered/mixed by a friend of Johnny’s (the drummer) called Sean Russell (not sure if he spells his last name that way, though). He’s a good guy and he was fun to work with. The demo will lead to a fully re-vamped website soon. I’ll keep you posted on that.

2. Speaking of websites, my OWN is still in development. A bunch of stuff got screwed up, and I’ve finally got it to where it’s easy. Now it’s just sitting and DOING it…

3. Next year, for one year only, I’ll be running the Library. My boss is leaving and they are moving me over to management until they find someone to fill the role full-time.

4. In case you’re keeping score, yes…I’m enormously pissed off that I had to work yesterday when my niece was born. HOPING to get out to the hospital tonight to see her, but it depends on what time I get off work today.

5. Remember that chest/shoulder injury I was complaining about forever? It’s a LOT better. Hurts on and off–usually only a couple of twinges a day, though. That’s way better than the constant pain I’d been having. I’m still trying not to lift things too often, just to be on the safe side…it took MONTHS for me to feel this good, and I’m not going to screw it up by taxing myself before I”m ready. I’ve got some lingering back-pain that’s been bugging me, and as I said, something will flare up in the shoulder or along the pecks now and again…but in all, I’m feeling much better than I was a couple of months ago. I’m even off of Ibuprofen! (Few of you know how remarkable that is…) Still an occasional Tylenol…but no more Ibuprofen, at least for now.

6. I’ve been reading a lot lately. I see reading as a great escape, but also kind of a chore. When I start a book, I like it a lot…but if I don’t finish it in a day or two, I just kind of feel like it’s an obligation and it kind of bugs me. “Ugh…I’ve got to read another chapter or I’ll NEVER finish this thing!” Anyway… Just finished a predictable, but good novel called “The Soul Thief” that I enjoyed, and I’m about to crack into Kurt Vonnegut’s last book. Looking forward to that. Vonnegut’s great, and a pretty quick read. Pity he died.

7. I’ve been writing a lot. Music, mostly, though I’ve started and abandoned a bunch of short-stories. Music kind of writes itself for me, whereas prose is an effort–and one I usually end up having mixed emotions about. With stuff I write like stories or essays, I never feel like they’re done. They always need more revisions and changes–and I’m never convinced that they’re any good. With a song, I write it and it’s pretty much done. Sometimes I’ll present something to Blue Tattoo and it’ll get tweaked a little, but most of the time, what I write is pretty true to what the finished product ends up being. That’s easy for me. (So is blogging–that’s not really writing, it’s just spewing crap onto a screen.) I’ve got a couple of songs I’m really excited about. One of them is about how life’s not so bad for me right now–used to suck, and it sucked HARD–but in all, it’s not bad now. It’s kind of “look…this could’ve gone either way, but this is how it went.” I was going for a “happy” song, but ended up with kind of sad/happy. That’s probably as close as I can manage to a happy song. I just don’t write those…they’re not interesting.

8. My allergies are in full swing, especially with the back-and-forth weather St. Louis has had lately. I like this kind of weather (most people hate it), but it sure makes my head cloudy. Claritin isn’t enough anymore…it’s now that, PLUS Sudafed Sinus Headache (which is really good, it just doesn’t last very long).

9. Going to go see Willie Nelson in June (I think that’s when it is). First row of the balcony at the Fox. That’ll be awesome!

That’s it for now…back to work.

Current Listening:

  • Ray Davies – “Working Man’s Cafe” – My brother played this is his car the other week and it’s really good. Poppy, but sad. Don’t know how he’s not all over the radio.