Seven Similarities Between Me and Elvis

Here is a list of seven traits I share with The King (of rock and roll…not of Kings).

1. We both had the same gold-fleck mirrors in our houses. If you tour Graceland, there’s one point where there’s a bunch of mirrors with a gold pattern running through it. When I was a kid, we had the same mirrors in the house. I tore out those mirrors a while back, but I kept one of the squares of it, just for old-time’s sake.

2. A love of food. Anyone who’s seen a picture of the last-days of Elvis knows that the dude loved to eat. So do I. I’ll put Ranch on pretty much anything, and gimmie a bunch of cheeseburgers and milkshakes, and I’m like a pig in…well…you know.

3. Pop-culture addiction. Elvis had three TVs running all the time in his bedroom. Whereas I don’t have that, I usually have the TV running while I’m on the Internet…and sometimes I’m reading between clicks, as well.

4. Ridiculous collections. Elvis had cars, instruments, gold-records, paintings, etc, etc. I’ve got guitars, CDs, books, clothes, DVDs, etc, etc…

5. Neither of us will ever be as good as Johnny Cash was.

6. A love of B-Movies. Only real difference is that I watch them, and Elvis was IN them.

7. My mom liked us both. Okay…so this one’s cheating… (Though, to be fair, I can definitely say that she had far more of his records.)

Weirdly, I didn’t list music…but that’s mostly because Elvis was a performer (rarely writing his own songs) and I’m a songwriter (who also sometimes performs). Elvis was better at his job, I’m better at mine. So we don’t share that…and I’m pretty sure he never even SAW some of the instruments I play…so suck on that, King! 🙂

Current Listening:

  • Duh…a bunch of Elvis…