I hate to be like this, but I’m not that sad about Charlton Heston’s death. It’s not that I’m walking around saying, “Good riddance!” or anything like that…I just kind of heard about it and shrugged. I’ve been a Heston fan for years. I loved “Planet of the Apes,” “Omega Man,” and “Soylent Green” long before most people my age had even HEARD of them. Not a big fan of “Ten Commandments” though…don’t know why.

I think of Heston’s work and I think of a guy who constantly made me laugh (usually unintentionally) and had some really great dramatic moments as well. I think of his stirring work in describing the plight of humanity in “Planet of the Apes.” I think of his ground-breaking racial-barrier-crossing roles. I think of his timing in delivering the final line of “Soylent Green” (which I accidentally ruined for my dad when he was watching it…somehow, he’d never heard the ending before, which I still think is weird). I think of how OBSESSED I was with “Planet of the Apes” when it was re-released on VHS and DVD while I was at Lincoln Christian College.

…but unfortunately, I think of all that stuff AFTER I think of the fact that he was the guy who organized a NRA rally in Littleton shortly after Columbine. I think of that stuff AFTER I think of hearing some of his latter-day comments on race, which at best even out with some of his civil-rights advocacy of 50 years ago. I think of “You blew it up! Damn you all to Hell!” AFTER “…from my cold, dead hands.” (Which may be a lateral move, I’m not sure.) Sometimes, I really wish people I respect from the silver screen would keep their mouths shut when they’re off the clock… Heston’s a prime example of that. Great career…lousy party-guest.

It’s not that I wish the guy any ill-will, and I DO hope he’s found peace. I’m just also not that sad that they can finally take his gun away.

Rest in peace, Chuck…I may not have agreed with you on a lot of issues…but at least you were better than Rush Limbaugh.

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