Long Time…Sorry!

Been over a week since I’ve posted. As such, I’ll be doing it in numeric fashion… Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s happened…probably a long one.

  1. Saw the Drive-By Truckers on Feb 29 (Leap Year show…pretty rare!). GREAT show. Lots of surprises in the set and a lot of fun. My dad and brother went. It was dad’s first time seeing them. He liked it. He’d asked how many time I’d seen them, and I wasn’t sure…so I’ll work it out now, since I know he reads here… Let’s see… Duck Room, Mississippi Nights, Mississippi Nights again, Riverport (festival gig), Mississippi Nights again, Pageant. I guess that’s six, unless I’m forgetting one. Anyway, they’re one of those bands who’re okay with the crowd recording the show…so it’s online, and I downloaded it. Sounds GREAT.
  2. It snowed. A lot. Worst storm we’ve had in YEARS. Guess what? The college was open during the worst of it, unlike everyone else in the area. The way I see it, they owe me one free morning off…but I’m pretty sure my bosses don’t see it that way. So…
  3. Finished our work on the Blue Tattoo demo. Hoping to hear a master of it soon. Johnny’s middle-manning it, I guess. Maybe I should call him and see how it’s going.
  4. Jeff Healey died. He was a guitarist who had some minor hits in the 80s. He was completely blind, and played the guitar kind of upside-down. He also appeared in the horrible movie “Roadhouse.” He hit a guy over the head with a bottle in that movie, and for a second you’re like, “Wait…maybe he’s NOT blind!” It’s not really worth seeing…that’s pretty much the best part. Anyway…rest in peace, Jeff.
  5. Things are about to get VERY interesting around my office. I can’t say a lot about it yet…but I’ll keep you posted.
  6. I’ve had a headache for like two days from sleeping poorly. Sucks…
  7. Just a reminder, I’m still playing regularly with the Michael Feldman Group. Check out his website for the wheres and whens–link’s over on the right.
  8. Speaking of websites…I’m almost through sorting out a small copyright issue that’s been delaying my site’s relaunch. Should be this week. No money’s changing hands or anything, I just needed to clear something up BEFORE it became a problem. I’ll let you know when we’re back online.
  9. I’ve been having some nerve pain in my neck (I think) that’s been hurting my arms a little lately. It’s really irritating. Not quite disabling, but sometimes painful. OTC drugs help, but I wish it’d just go away. This is all related to the same old injury of months ago…I just keep aggravating it by moving stuff around the office and/or at gigs. It’s a catch 22, really…don’t want to do it…need money.
  10. My brother introduced me to the funniest thing in the world. Google “Garfield Minus Garfield.” You’ll thank me.
  11. There’s been a rash of people asking me where I’m going to church lately. The answer is “nowhere in particular.” Not sure what appeals to me at the moment. To be honest, I’m having some trouble trusting any church’s presentation right now. I got pretty badly burned by the ministry I was in before (so much so that I’m still undecided about whether or not I ever want to get back into ministry). It’s hard to trust a church when you’ve been on the inside and seen how the happy-looking-places are actually run. It’s my own paranoia, and I’m sure I’ll get over it in time…but you know how when a relationship ends, they say it takes just as long to get over that person as the length of the relationship? I was in that ministry for about 6 years, I think… Anyway…please, sincerely…stop asking. I’m probably not going to visit your place. You’re either located too far away, or I know someone there who I don’t especially want to see. So…stop. Really.
  12. I’ve recently discovered how much I love Waffle House. Best biscuits and gravy you can get for like five-bucks! 🙂
  13. My current CD is not ready yet. I’ve had to take some time away from it to do other things. It’ll hopefully be out in May…but for the moment, it’s stalled.

That’s all I can think of…hope it was worth your time. I’ll try to find something interesting to say in a day or two.

Current Listening:

  • The DBT show from St. Louis on Feb 29. 🙂

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