Other People’s Words

Decent Lyrics that have come out of the speakers in my office and/or car in the past couple of days:

1. Artist: Old 97s
Song: “Lonely Holiday”
Lyric: “I’ve thought so much about suicide that parts of me have already died.”

2. Artist: Drive-By Truckers
Song: “The Righteous Path”
Lyric: “I don’t know God, but I fear His wrath. I’m trying to keep focused on the righteous path.”

3. Artist: Aimee Mann
Song: “Little Bombs”
Lyric: “Life just kind of empties out…less a deluge than a drought.”

4. Artist: The Who
Song: “They are All in Love”
Lyric: “Goodbye all you punks, stay young and stay high. Hand me my checkbook and I’ll crawl off to die.”

5. Artist: Over the Rhine
Song: “Changes Come”
Lyric: “I’d like to have our baby. Some days I think that maybe this old world’s too f*cked up for any first-born son.”

6. Artist: Roxy Music
Song: “Mother of Pearl”
Lyric: “Every Goddess a letdown. Every Idol a bring-down. It gets you down.”

7. Artist: Liz Moore
Song: “Safe and Sad”
Lyric: “Tell me why I’ve always shied away from love songs…why I always seem to get the words wrong…why the only words I write are safe, ’cause they’re sad.”

8. Artist: Johnny Cash
Song: “No Earthly Good”
Lyric: “The Gospel ain’t Gospel until it is spread…but how can you share it where you’ve got your head?” (What that implies is hard to get without the rest of the lyric…but imagine someone’s head crammed into a particular orifice…and you’ve got it.)

9. Artist: Tree By Leaf
Song: “Blood Under the Nail”
Lyric: “Sometimes you lose when you pray. God is not a detour from sin. God does not want the best man to win. Sometimes you lose when you pray.”

10./11. Artist: Tim Barry
Song: “Avoiding Catatonic Surrender”
Lyric: “I hate Republicans, I hate Democrats, I hate Liberals, too. I think pacifists are weak, and violence is wrong…” “The truth is I don’t really know or care with who or where I fit in at all…” (That’s a two-fer.)

…and that’d be one weird mix-CD.


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