Have I Mentioned that I Hate Valentine’s Day–and that I Love Blue Tattoo?

This is a long post to make up for not posting much lately. Comes in four parts… Fair warning, Blogger still hasn’t fixed the spell-check…so I make no promises.

Part I: A Dissertation Upon Feb. 14

I hate Valentine’s Day. I always dress in a black suit and tie (mourning clothes), if I’m obligated to be anywhere. I’d say only about 70% of the people at work understood it…the other 30% thought I was dressed up because I had a date after work. Ah…no.

I’d go into the whys, whens, and wheres of how my hatred for this Hallmark Holiday came about, but it’s really not worth it. Just the typical stupid, shoulda-grown-out-of-it-by-now psuedo-high-school crap. I just don’t like it. I boycot it. Right after work, do you know what I did to celebrate the holiday? Went home, put on crappy clothes, and went to sleep for a bit. Now I’m watching “Frasier.” I’m also going to do some laundry in a minute… That’s it. Not too different from any other Thursday, for me.

Plus, as usual…I’ll have to point out that it abbreviates to “VD.” Whereas I find that funny, I don’t really find it very reassuring. 🙂

Part II: My Boob Hurts

A couple of you have asked about the…uhh…whatever I’ve got wrong with my chest. It’s been going back and forth depending on what I’ve been doing. Not too bad on Tuesday, pretty good on Wednesday…not great today, but I did bump into a door last night, and that probably has a lot to do with it. It’ll either get better or I’ll die from it. So…there’s your update.

Part III: No News on the Site

A couple of you have also asked about my website. No idea why it’s not up and running at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

Part IV: Too Young to Die, Too Dumb to Stop

Blue Tattoo (my awesome rock band featuring the big bass tones of my brother Dave, the indescribable guitar jangle of Chris Teague, and the remarkably drummy drumming of Johnny Ream) is going to begin recording a demo on Sunday. We’re working with Johnny’s buddy Shawn (no idea what his last name is) as the engineer. Heard something the guy did a while back and it’s pretty good.

Every time I mention that I’m not the one doing the recording, people think it’s weird. Well…the guy’s willing to do it for free. I’m good with that. Less work for me, and I also get to sit around and watch this guy’s process. I figure I’ll probably learn something. I already know what I know, but I don’t know what he knows…y’know?

Anyway…we’re doing four songs. I’ll list them, mostly for Nikomas Perez, who may remember a couple of the titles from his brief stint drumming with us. We’re doing (not necessarily in this order):

“The Difference”
“I Go…”
“Tear it Down”
“Mother Maybelle’s Shotgun”

I sing the two I wrote, Dave sings the two he wrote. You’ll have to wait to find out which is which. Works out pretty well. Wish we could do a full 10-15 tunes, but I wouldn’t want to take advantage of the guy’s generosity…and also, it’s mainly just a tool to get gigs. I’m excited about it. I love being in the studio. If I could make a career of just session-work, I definitly would. Every experience is different, and I’m thinking this one will be pretty positive.

Dave, Chris, and I have been through recording sessions together before, back in the Uncle Dick days…and they were HORRIBLE. There was a lot of tension in that band at the time, and it showed…but this time, we’re having fun and we’re really like-minded. I know I’m having more fun in Blue Tattoo than I’ve had in YEARS, and I’d like to think the others are enjoying it too. I’m able to take myself a lot less seriously these days, and I’m much more relaxed. I’ve been through a LOT personally since Uncle Dick fell apart. I don’t mean to get depressing, but when you’ve been to as many funerals as I have in the past couple of years, someone missing a note or dropping a stick just isn’t a reason for conflict anymore. In the Uncle Dick days, it didn’t take much to piss me off. If someone showed up late for practice, he may as well have insulted my religion or something… I’d go off for no real reason, and every little thing got under my skin. Not so in Blue Tattoo. I’ve grown as a person, and as a musician…all for the better. This time, I get to ENJOY being in my band. It’s nice. Plus, I really like these guys. They’re my friends–and the ones I see the most frequently. Maybe it’s that I’m getting older, or maybe it’s just life experience…but that means something to me.

…plus…y’know…we rock. I think we’ve got a fairly unique sound, and the songs are strong. I like writing for the band, and I like what the other guys bring to the table. I’m really digging the band, and I’m excited to get the demo done, get some samples on the website, and start exposing others to what I’ve been hearing in the basement every week. I think people will really dig it.

Final Summation:


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