I was turning right in my car today. I, for whatever reason, used only my left hand/arm to do so. Midway through the turn, I felt like my chest was going to explode–right in the middle, along the breastbone. Apparently that hasn’t healed up as much as I thought it did. It hurt a lot after that. Actually, the initial pain wasn’t as intense as it has been in days past, but it lasted longer and kind of ended up making parts of my left pectoral develop a dull ache as well. That wasn’t fun. I can still kind of feel it.

Though, in other news, I ordered a copy of the Drive-By Truckers’ record “Decoration Day” (my favorite of theirs) on big, beautiful, glorious vinyl yesterday, and it arrived on my doorstep TODAY (overnight!). It’s so cool to have a vinyl copy of that one. That’s the one that first got me into the band, via my brother Dave. When I first heard the CD, my comment was, “It feels like vinyl.” Now it is. And that’s awesome.

…of course, it was while I was going home (for lunch) to get that record that I blew-out my chest…and then on my way home from work, I actually fell asleep in the car while at a stoplight. Fortunately, no one was killed, or even rear-ended.

Following that up, I went home and slept for several hours, hoping to heal up the chest and get rid of the falling-asleep-on-the-road feeling. Kind of worked…wasn’t great. Gonna add some Ibuprofen to the mix.

…so pretty much, today broke even.

(Spell checker STILL doesn’t freaking work…)


2 thoughts on “Bad/Good…”

  1. For a second there I thought you were going to say you wrecked your new car…which by the way you have not posted pictures of yet.

  2. Nope…but your comment did help me realize I needed to change the topic title, as it was supposed to be “bad/good” and all I had was “bad.” So…thanks! 🙂

    As soon as it’s dry for more than one day in a row, I’ll get a carwash and post a pic of the new car, just for you.

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