Health Update

I’ve gotten a lot of “feeling better?”s lately. So, I’m blogging…

As most of you know from reading over the past couple of days, I’ve been very sick. On Sunday, my fever had dropped significantly, but it hung around at 99 for a couple of days (it had been around 102). Today, it FINALLY broke and returned to normal. So that’s good. Unfortunately, there’s still a laundry list of “bad.”

My sinuses are dry to the point of bleeding.
My cough is still hanging on.
My throat is still clogged.
I have a headache that’s been coming and going all day.
I’m slightly dizzy or spaced-out…I’m not sure which…maybe both.
My eyes hurt–especially the left one for some reason.
My arms have been twitchy all day, and my hands ache…that one’s particularly alarming.
My chest still hurts when I move too fast.

So…that’s how I feel. I took today off and slept a LOT. Got rid of the fever that way…but the rest still sucks. Especially the arm/hand thing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that one before. I even cancelled my band practice tonight. That’s a rarity. I’ve definitly got to go in to work tomorrow…I just don’t plan on working very hard. Going to take care of what is NEEDED, but I’ll be going kind of slowly…and tomorrow’s my LONG day, too. I go in at 8 and leave at 6. Barely even have time to grab lunch, as my schedule dictates. It’s going to be horrible, isn’t it? Well…if you never hear from me again, I guess you’ll know it killed me.

I should go to bed now. I’ll need the sleep.

ALSO: The spell check STILL isn’t working, and I’m starting to think the Blogger people don’t care.


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