Small update…

Small update on a couple of things.

1. I Just let my medication fully wear off so I could see what my temperature is without the Ibuprofen bringing it down. I’m at about 99 degrees. That’s WAY better than the nearly 102 I was at on Friday. Unfortunately, the coughing has descimated my throat, and my sinuses are clogged beyond relief. Plus, I’ve been coughing so hard, I think I pulled something in the middle of my chest. It hurts when I cough really hard, when I stretch my neck, and/or when I make sudden, sharp movements…right along the breastbone. I think there’s a medical term for it… Conge-something… Anyway… It sucks. It hurts a lot. All I can do if take anti-inflamatories and put heat on it…and try to stop coughing, I guess…

2. As a result of being ill, my website’s reopening has to be delayed. I’m designing all the pages myself, and I’ve been out of comission, and therefore unable to finish the work I need to do to get it all online. Sucks…but there it is… Hopefully I’ll continue to get better after some bedrest, and it’ll get done this week. (That update was mainly for Jim.)

Current Watching:

  • 5/6 of the way through “Lost” season three on DVD. Sawyer just killed a guy. It was awesome.

Also…the spell-check still isn’t working…


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